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Nerd Blurbs: Life Edition

The news-sphere was alive today, September 21st, 2013, with many reports pertaining to things living (and fairly finally dead). We’ve got sequences and atrocities and discoveries, oh my! Just goes to show that reality has way more going on than fiction and you can’t make this stuff up. We start with tiger sequencing after the break.

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Big Pussies Found To Be Obsessed By CK’s Obsession

Tiger Rolling

I fucking love this smell...

Zoologists working out of the Bronx Zoo, the Wall Street Journal reports, have discovered that Siberian tigers in their keep really enjoy the fragrance Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein. How’d they discover this? Rudimentary really.

Keepers of feline wildlife have been using scents for years, as a way to keep cats in captivity interested in their environment. Recently, the general curator at the aforementioned New York zoo, Pat Thomas, did an experiment, involving twenty-four different scents. Most only occupied the beasts for a few seconds, while the pricier smells, Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps and Obsession seemed to be the most favorite, kept the cat’s attentions for more than ten minutes apiece.

And these findings aren’t reserved for tigers and cheetahs in zoos, oh no. A researcher in Guatemala has been using the stuff since 2007 in his tracking of jaguars. How he came to the conclusion to use Obsession is still a little iffy. Presumably, this was his cologne of choice, and he drew a correlation to his use of the stuff and an increase in his being mauled by jaguars.

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