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Nerd Blurbs: Life Edition

The news-sphere was alive today, September 21st, 2013, with many reports pertaining to things living (and fairly finally dead). We’ve got sequences and atrocities and discoveries, oh my! Just goes to show that reality has way more going on than fiction and you can’t make this stuff up. We start with tiger sequencing after the break.

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Missing Links: Magic Edition

Street Magic has always fascinated me. The sleight of hand being too much for my clumsy mitts though, so I prefer to spectate and ruin the fun for everyone else by telling people how the tricks are done. Sometimes I can’t, and I’ll be the first to admit awe. Here, we’ve got some links for illusions and card tricks, as well as some fun with statistics, which can be a sort of magic all their own.

  1. This amazing illusion is a fun twist on the old cup and ball routine.
  2. Here’s some everyday magic that will be taken for granted in half a century: The National Ignition Facility is looking to fire up a super-huge laser in the quest for controlled fusion.
  3. When is a card trick more than a card trick? When it’s got a story behind it.
  4. This isn’t so much magic as it is digital effects, but it’s fun nonetheless. Bullet Bill makes waves in this fun .GIF.
  5. PETA’s all about the ethically treating animals, right? Well, it’s funny how that concept can skew. Look at the magic of the statistics of their work.
  6. Not so much magic, but fun regardless, here’s some geeky things you can do with an empty bottle.
  7. More magic of technology: see the earth from Marvin the Martian’s backyard.
  8. Light can have some wonderful optical effects, especially when it’s passing through these home-made Kodachrome curtains.
  9. Ninjawords.com is a really fast dictionary – like, ninja fast. There’s some magic to that, I’d say.
  10. Like the universe is one weird clockwork mechanism, learn 5 Cheap Tricks Behind Every Psychic.

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Thought Retirement at 66 Was Bad – Try 29

Window to the Stars

And You Thought Your Room Had a View.

The last five missions of the 29-year-old Space Shuttle have been planned, anticipating completion of the International Space Station (ISS) before the culmination of 2010, reports Discovery News. February looks to see the launch of the shuttle Endeavor: to deliver the Tranquility node which will serve as quarters for four crew members, as well as the Cupola (pictured above), an Italian-built window for 360-degree views to be utilized to keep an eye on space-walkers, the earth, and the stars by the inhabitants of the ISS. Then the shuttle Discovery will be launched in March to deliver spare parts, which scientists hope will keep the station operational through at least 2020. Shuttle Atlantis will take its final flight in May, delivering a Russian-made space dock and research node.

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New Earth-like Planets Found & Ares Flounders

European astronomers have found 32 new planets beyond our solar system, 6 of which are termed superEarths, in that they are similar to our own planet just larger. Sure, that gives hope to those of us who listen to Stephen Hawkings in regards to the time-table humanity has left, so we shift to NASA’s development of the post-Space Shuttle mode of space travel: the Ares 1.

A committee commissioned to scrutinize the upcoming project determined that without an influx of $30 million in the next ten years, the projected 2020 return to the moon (to develop moon-bases as a launch off point for trips to Mars), would not be met. They essentially expect the Ares to never get off the ground.

This is comforting to me because I know now that the smartest people on the planet are just as stupid as I am. Which is a frightening thought because I at least don’t have access to enough fuel to reach escape velocity. Yet.

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[Source: Ares 1]

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