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Nerd Blurbs: Life Edition

The news-sphere was alive today, September 21st, 2013, with many reports pertaining to things living (and fairly finally dead). We’ve got sequences and atrocities and discoveries, oh my! Just goes to show that reality has way more going on than fiction and you can’t make this stuff up. We start with tiger sequencing after the break.

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Missing Links: Grab Bag Edition

Internet goodness from around the Intertubes!

  1. Missing links…literally, find out, via this handy chart, how close we are to gorillas, cats, dragonflies, and more.
  2. Search through Shakespeare’s works for terms and phrases, with Shakespeare Searched.
  3. A wicked gallery of Fractal Art.
  4. Pick the Perp gives you a line-up of offenders – you get to guess their crime. I am terrible at this.
  5. Learn to make a shrimp out of a bendy straw.
  6. One of the best time-wasters ever: Phage Wars. Play as a virus trying to dominate the microbial plane.
  7. What the world looks like when you’re drunk.
  8. Need someone to call you to get out of a bad date? Check out GetMooh.com. Enter your number, date and time, and the type of call, and get a pre-recorded message sent to your phone. Free of charge! Work internationally!
  9. Superheroes, in vulnerable poses. my favorite has got to be the Superman Jesus. Or is that Jesus Superman?
  10. The most terrifying statistic I’ve ever seen. Go Longhorns.

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