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Nerd Blurbs: Pretty Colors Edition

Greetings Internets!

Today in Nerd Blurbs we discuss some small things with big color: scientists discover new spiders, artists visualize light as both a wave and a particle, and a comet acts like a drunken fratboy. All this after the jump.
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Nerd Blurbs: Life Edition

The news-sphere was alive today, September 21st, 2013, with many reports pertaining to things living (and fairly finally dead). We’ve got sequences and atrocities and discoveries, oh my! Just goes to show that reality has way more going on than fiction and you can’t make this stuff up. We start with tiger sequencing after the break.

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Nerd Blurbs: Black Internet Wednesday Edition

Sorry for the late posting: my fiancee’s father passed away on Friday and we’ve been away helping the family. Funeral is tomorrow, so posting should continue again as per usual after that. But enough of my personal life: let’s get to the news.

You leave the Internet alone for TWO DAYS and this happens?! Sheesh.

Better get your Internetting done right now because Wednesday, 8AM Washington DC time through 8PM the same, your favorite websites will be blotted out. Internet staples Google, Wikipedia,, The I Can Haz Cheezburger Network, Mozilla, Reddit, Minecraft, Twitpic, WordPress, and hundreds of others (full list here: scroll down) will either be turning off their servers or blacking out their content in opposition to the House of Representatives passing the Stop Online Piracy Act and the fast-tracked Protect Intellectual Property Act currently moving up the circuit. You can click the picture above to lend support as an individual.

The L.A. Times blurbed when it was just 24 hours looming before the blackout, that Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, had spoken with the BBC about Wikipedia’s contribution to the event tomorrow and that a protest would be placed instead of its English language site come 8AM EST. This is very similar to when high school professors find their students siting Wikipedia for their term papers: blanket protest.

The LA Times expanded their coverage here, because apparently they’re really concerned about not being able to access Wikipedia half-a-day. Actually, they go into greater depth about the ins and outs of the debate. It turns out the MPAA is directly behind the push of SOPA, so you automatically know the bill is inherently evil. Said MPAA executive Michael O’Leary, about how people are distorting the issues: “It’s part and parcel of a campaign to distract from the real issue here and to draw people away from trying to resolve what is a real problem, which is that foreigners continue to steal the hard work of Americans.”

I see – so it’s only foreign people that buy bootlegs. Nice try, O’Leary, but you’re clearly blanketing the real concern: you’re trying to pass off Americans as completely innocent in this when most of the downloads are coming from inside our own house. I suppose it’s good politicking, but like most of that sort of stuff, it reeks of bullshit.

Google and Ebay make more valid points, as that second LA Times link mentions, in that the wording of the bill offers operators of websites no real due process: if you get accused of showing someone else’s intellectual property you will get shut down. Firstly, that’s not the way the judicial process is supposed to work. Secondly, as the Internet companies so eloquently stated: “the result would be censorship and a strangling of the free flow of information that represents the soul of Web freedom.” Of course now we’re getting into A.I. metaphysics, but let’s not get side-tracked.

All this Internet hulla-baloo is coming on the heels of an announcement from The White House last week, as the Huffington Post reports, via three of the President’s secretaries, stating that the White House would not endorse SOPA/PIPA, because it would infringe on legal online usage and the way large and small businesses operate. The White House, continuing in the message, essential said, “We can’t get all 1984 up in this hizzy because we’re trying to send the smackdown on some guys acting all illegally.” Or something to that effect. I dunno for certain, this article has taken too long and I need to batten-down the hatches before the lock-down.

Hope you all have a amicable Wednesday with a great big piss-off to the MPAA (contradictory sentiments?). Hopefully we’ll come back to a better, brighter Internet than the one under attack.

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Nerd (Micro) Blurbs: Dick Jokes Edition

Interesting late-breakings around the News-o-sphere today regarding size: it DOES matter after all. What’s that? Oh, that was a cheap, inaccurate dick joke? Okay, we’ll get to the actual news then. Scientists have been making tiny breakthroughs and large discoveries and we’ll give you the size of it in this edition.

“…I’m Going to Need a Microscope…” (That’s What She Said!) “…To See Your Processor…”

Because great scientific discoveries always seem to come in twos: two different research facilities are working on processors the size of atoms. But IBM is taking an upper-hand it seems, as The New York Times reports, by making twelve atoms their bitches forcing them to spit out both zeroes and ones. Now, I’m not about to out-write The Times so I’ll let you read that article and not pontificate, but they are partially responsible for all these dick jokes because they interviewed a Stanford professor for this article named Shan X. Wang. I shit you not.

Now, we’re not only talking about quantum computing, but processors infinitely smaller than the ones we have today that can process information better than even the most formidable super computer today. Crazy.

Of course we’re still left with a measurement problem:

"Your porn, under such a quantum processor, would both exist and not exist. Also, your wiener is tiny." -Albert Einstein

That was…uh…helpful, Einstein. Thanks for that. Moving on.

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Nerd Blurbs: Earth, Air, and Space Edition

Greetings earthlings and welcome back to both you and us at Worlds As Myth!

In this week’s edition of Nerd Blurbs we’ll take a look at some hot news regarding the thought-extinct Galapagos tortoise, how carbon emissions are affecting our weather, and we’ll take a look at Joe Piscopo‘s career!…what’s that? Oh, rather, we’ll talk about the new map of the universe’s dark matter – sorry Piscopo for giving you hope you actually have a career to speak of.

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Nerd Blurbs: Fixes Edition

The entire universe is in a state of entropy; everything is decaying. At the state of the universe now, one can make patches, fixes, and prolong the life of any number of things. This time on Nerd Blurbs we handle three such events over the weekend as NASA, Google, and the City of San Francisco (need to/have) clean(ed) (some) house.

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If Sarah Michelle Geller is Cast as The Wasp, I Swear Whedon…

News out of Comic Con SD today indicates that Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer helmer, Joss Whedon, is set to direct the upcoming Avengers movie, Entertainment Weekly reports. The nerd in me is excited, but it’s also cautiously raising it’s eyebrows (when around Whedon, you want to cautiously raise your eyebrows, otherwise he might mistake you for a transforming vampire and have you staked).

Yes, Whedon is responsible for some well-done nerditity with his sci-fi story-telling, but there seems to also be a part of him that wants to appeal to pre/post pubescent girls, a demographic that just doesn’t work for the geek demographic you’re selling to and the actor load that’s lined up. Okay, maybe X-Men tapped into that some of that younger lady appeal with Hugh Jackman and James Marsden, but here’s the thing. Who’ve we got for the Avenger’s line-up? Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Ed Norton (maybe?), Chris Hemsworth (Kirk’s dad in Star Trek), and Chris Evans (Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four). Sure, some of these guys are dream-boaty, but not to the Buffy crowd.

That aside? Whedon’s a phenomenal story-teller, giving otherwise dry, bloated characters a sense of realness. Is Tony aka Iron Man about to hit the sauce super-hard? Will an out-of-time, maladjusted Captain America beat the living snot out of some dude for coming on to him? Will a useless Bruce Banner unleash the Hulk so that his over-funded team-mates have something to hit? What about Henry Pym, are we going to see him break his wife’s face in celluloid? How far are we taking this Whedon?

The director is a self-professed feminist, who does terrible things to his female characters, in order to have them drag themselves up by their beat-up boot heels. Considering that the line-up of the Avengers doesn’t include very many women, generally, that we’ll definitely have The Wasp, and that yeah, her husband’s probably going to hit her. Other qualifiers for the position of  team chicks include: Black Widow (which is a STRONG possibility, being established in IM2), Scarlet Witch (less so, she didn’t appear in the X-Men movies…did she?), She-Hulk (fuck that green snatched two-d character), Hellcat (who?), and Jessica Jones AKA Ms. Marvel, who’s a fan favorite, but obscure enough for the studios to just say “no,” as though her outfit were made of marijuana.

They say to not judge a book by it’s cover, and that’s probably doubly so when that book hasn’t even been written yet, so I’m going to reserve judgment until I see a trailer. Then we’ll judge galore. Until then, have a great weekend, true believers.

-Excelsior! (Eh? See what I did there?)

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