Missing Links: Bemused Edition

New to Worlds As Myth – a visualized version of Missing Links, customized with tablets in mind. To visit the links, just click the picture. Other links will work too on your tablets and what-have-yous with touch screens, and isn’t this just pretty on your iWhatever?


Apparently, low ink = adorable, when applied to the Canon BearPrinter model z12.

If you’ve been on the Internet at all ever, you’ve probably run into the work of Sheharzad Arshad, a brilliant graphic artist who has apparently given up cartooning.  He claims his religion, Islam, is prohibiting him from continuing to pursue this sort of expression. Seriously, some of the smartest, most twisted toons I’ve ever encountered, and I don’t shock easy. Pro-evolution, video-game-reference-full, sly, and smarky (that’s “smart” and “snarky” conjoined), Sheharzad has definitely become one of my favorite artists – web comicking will sorely miss him. The comic to the left is particularly timid compared to the one where the Blue Fairy grants Pinocchio’s wish at the worst possible time. Enjoy the galleries!

More delicious linky-eye-candy after the jump.

Art and science meet by the pale moonlight. Or matchlight as it were.

Caleb Charland is a photographer who makes analogue art using light and multiple exposures in pitch-darkness. His work is awe-inspiring, vivid, and only enhanced with photo-manipulation software. All the photos through the link are done one frame at a time, creating a wondrous tapestry of eye-popping art. Truly phenomenal to behold.

Way easier than religious conversion.

Need to take an AAC and make it an MP3? Want your GIF to be JPG? How about that book you wrote – want to read it on your eReader but don’t have the proper conversion software? Worry no more, Online-Convert’s here for you. Easy to use and reliable – never worry about the proper formatting again.

Finally, USEFUL origami. Okay, maybe not useful, but cooler than a crane.

A handy step-by-step instruction to turn your ordinary American bills into a handy collared shirt that you actually cannot wear. Fun at parties, but otherwise not exactly useful. Unless you’re trying to dress a Smurf.

Actually, not that surprising.

Regretsy, an Etsy metablog, editor “Helen Killer,” commissioned the piece of art to the left, asking for, “Lady Gaga in one of her bizarre outfits hunched over a unicorn carcass, blood all around her mouth.” Ask and ye shall receive. The work was done by artist Rose Briccetti, as Boing Boing points out. Etsy, Regretsy, Briccetti. I’m beginning to see a theme here.

For absolute nerdidity click through. Thanks to flickr user My Blue Van for lending photo to Creative Commons.

Think your life is nerdy? Well you and others can share your D&D, movie discussions, and techy life-stories with people who finally understand you. There be no nerdness-judgement here.

If it brewed coffee too it'd be perfect.

Conceived by designer Yong-Seong Kim, this concept MP3 player also doubles as a CD player so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ve got tunes to see you through. Too bad it’s only a concept and that CDs are going the way of the dinosaurs, no? Follow the pictures for the link to Yanko Design.

Because who has time for full-length features anymore?

Angry Alien Productions brings you nearly seventy movies, in under thirty-seconds apiece, portrayed by bunnies. If you have Starz, you’ve probably encountered one or more of these shorts. Because everything’s better in small doses of bunny.

James Bond ain't got nothing on an Indestructable.

With this simple hack you can create a USB drive that automatically, and quietly stores information to the drive. Perfect for suspicions of a cheating lover or corporate espionage. Can be formatted for any kind of information, like automatic back-up of your manifesto.

More documentaries than you can shake a documentary film crew at.

If you got a hankering for true-to-life film, look no further. With literally hundreds of titles to choose from, you can avoid actually interacting with people by watching the trials and tribulations of other’s lives. Or be inspired by other people’s hardships. Or, you know, revel in the schadenfreude.



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  1. Mick, thanks ever so much for the “like” on my poetry post. I’m grateful that it led me back here to your blog, which is cracking me up. I’m looking forward to more–cheers, and all the best!

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