Facebook Five-Hundred Million to Herald the End?

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced yesterday that Facebook had reached half-a-billion users. Who, from the original gang that joined the formerly collegiate-exclusive site, would have ever imagined this day would come – when the change to public was announced, I remember, it seemed like the end of the world. But it wasn’t the end of the world. But undoubtedly this is.

Mere hours after Zuckerberg’s announcement came the notice from English scientists who discovered what may be a twin site to Stonehenge, reports the Associated Press. This one is constructed out of wood and may actually be a prehistoric burial site, according to Bournemouth University professor of archaeology Tim Darvill. Well dude, how do you know they’re not one and the same?

Satter’s article indicates that Woodhenge (a different thing than the one announced today- I know, druids are so unoriginal – or maybe that’s the English) contained the skull of a child that had been split open. Presumably, that means, that they did child sacrifices there. And if Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom taught me anything, it’s that when you want to try to end the world, you do child sacrifices. I may need to watch that movie again.

So what I’m saying is that the discovery of a world-ending, child-sacrifice machine right as Facebook announced their five-hundred-millionth customer served (“Congratulations, you have to farm your own potatoes and fight vampires and mafioso if you want to make it in this town, see?”) can’t be coincidence, can it? I mean, what are the odds that two such seemingly unconnected events would happen at precisely the same time. If only Mulder were a real person – he’d figure this one out.

Thanks to AncientCircles.com for the robe image

Mark Zuckerberg: Druid? or Sith Lord?


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