Had a Hack-tastic Weekend?

Why is YouTube Turning Bieber into Beaver?!?

The hottest duo since PB & J in a single jar

The beaver is just as confused as you are, Bieber.

That was a question Justin Bieber fans were asking for about an hour this weekend, after hackers imported code into the comments page on certain YouTube pages (including Bieber’s), which directed users to pornography. The code also displayed messages saying that Bieber had died. Google, who own YouTube, shut down the comments for an hour, and fixed the bug that allowed this to occur at all, the BBC reports, within the next hour.

The hackers utilized cross-site scripting (XSS) to carry out their evil plot, a vulnerability typically used in phishing, that allows seemingly official-looking pop-ups to actuate on the page. Compared to the usual usage of XSS, this was fairly benign, cyber-punks looking to punish Bieber fans for being…Bieber fans. The truly fascinating thing to me about this story is that Google fixed the whole thing in two hours: they truly are good at what they do- which apparently now also includes protecting tween girls from seeing porn.

I Bought a Vietnamese Book App? Nhưng tôi không đọc được tiếng Việt!

Not the app in question

The Bible in Vietnamese, because there's nothing like the third or fourth translation.

In related news, word broke out that a Vietnamese book seller named Thuat Nguyen broke into some people’s iTunes account and used them to artificially inflate the rating and ranking of his Vietnamese book apps, wrote PC World yesterday. All Nguyen’s apps have been struck from the App Store, Apple citing that the shady developer violated “the developer Program License Agreement, including fraudulent purchase patterns.” The picture is from app, Kinh Thanh, which has nothing to do with Nguyen, but merely demonstrates why people might be confused about the whole thing when they saw they’d bought the program.

There is no word yet as to what criminal charges might be brought against Nguyen, though I recommend he be brought to the US and allowed to be pelted to death with first-generation iPhones. Apple has claimed that no personal information (other than apparently the requisite amount to make a purchase) was compromised by Nguyen, but recommends that anyone that was effected cancel their cards, ask for charge-backs, and change their passwords. Thanks Apple – couldn’t have figured that out without you: how about developing an app that lets you know when another app is gonna fuck you over?


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