Missing Links: Link’s Missing Edition

Crazy week kids – hectic work, helping with a move, lots of stuff done. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit and work on teh blog, so here’s a discordant menagerie of linkages from around the web with no seeming connection! Enjoy!
  1. Learn the Science of Cooking! Also known as gastronomy. Make cooking fun for kids. Or, you know, hungry people.
  2. Interestingly stylized illustrations of nerdy subject matter – lil Wolverine, lil Harley Quinn, and a mind-controlled trinity to name a few. By Connecticut artist Christopher Umniga.
  3. Paper and pen meets reality in this analogue version of augmented reality.
  4. Make your own solar system in this fun little flash physics engine.
  5. Two words. Robot. Chess. Okay, three words: awesome.
  6. More flash sites than you can shake an iPad at.
  7. Old School was a comedic remake of Fight Club. What? Cracked.com plots out all the rip-offery.
  8. The 100 greatest movie insults crammed together into a ten minute clip.
  9. Want to know how your search for “albino sprocket monkey” turns up the results it does on Google? Portfolio.com has the answer for you. Maybe not that exact answer, but well enough, eh?
  10. Gemiest of gems of the Intertubes: FacebookFails.com

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