Missing Links: Holy Guacamole Edition

Greetings fellow carbon-based life-forms! This week on the Missing Links we’ve got jaw-dropping matter and awesomeness that’s rather attainable – if you’ve got time and or money, depending. No avocados were harmed in the making of this links page.

  1. Want to write hand-written letters without the trouble of owning a touch tablet, or, like, actually writing on paper? Then check out Pilot Handwriting, software that can capture your own handwriting and turn it into type-able font. If my scrawl didn’t look like chicken scratches off a chicken that needs a pedicure, I’d totally rock this dealy.
  2. Need to make eats but don’t know what epicurean delicacy to dish up? So many cans but not enough creativity? Get a gander at Cooking by Numbers, a website that allows you to tack off the items in your food storage locations and makes culinary suggestions. Perfect for the bachelor who watches too much of the Food Network but can’t afford Chilean sea bass.
  3. Summer heat’s starting to creep up. Cool off with the Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art Gallery, a collection of some of the best snowmen ever cooked up. Or rolled out. Even though they’re fictional.
  4. Got thousands of dollars you can spend frivolously? You could donate it to me, or invest it into re-creating one of these awesome workstations. Or hell, mix it up and create some sort of fusion, like a Frankenstein’s monster made in motherboards, overclocked processors, and extremely taxed surge protectors.
  5. February marked the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the Voyager 1 probe, which was carved and stored with much of our most prized accumulated knowledge and shipped out of the solar system. On its way out, Carl Sagan, a developer on the project, had to force NASA to shift the probe’s camera back to Earth to take a picture and relay it back to us. That twenty-year-old picture demonstrates how tiny earth looks from the fringe of the universe, a small Pale Blue Dot but a pixel wide and tall. Humbling and magnificent: this link includes Dr. Sagan’s poignant comments on examining this photograph, which remains the most distant a picture has ever been taken awat from our planet.
  6. A quick reference visual chart of computer hardware. The perfect companion piece if you’re a nerd. I’m going to print this on photo paper and have it framed.
  7. Meet James Powderly. He was a former aeronautics engineer who worked for NASA. Now he’s a tagger (graffiti artist, get hip people) who creates works of art with magnetic LED lights and laser/computer/projector combos that allows him to tag entire buildings with the stroke of a laser beam. He also invented hardware that let a paralyzed friend with ALS write with his eye movements. This guy should run for president.
  8. Download some Linux software into your wireless router and up its value , range, and connectivity tenfold.
  9. Here’s a two-fer for you fledgling writer types out there: Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for Writing Fiction and Chuck Palahniuk’s 13 Writing Tips. Super informative and helpful.
  10. Speaking of writing, and by that I mean sci-fi, here’s why time travel’s not such a hot idea.

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