Missing Links: Holy Crap Edition

Some stuff garners your attention like nothing else can, drops your jaw and makes you say, “Holy crap.” That’s the type of stuff we’re concerned with on this week’s edition of Missing Links. From farting felines to fun with photoshop, this Missing Links is like a turd dropped in a bowl of sanctified wine…that metaphor sounded better in my head.

  1. Graphic artists in the Netherlands have created one of the craziest light shows in the world. It’s a work that is transformative of the building it’s projected upon. Wholly astounding.
  2. I didn’t even know cats could hiccup. Don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to, but just never have been in the presence of cat-‘cups. Have witnessed their flatulence though, so I’m only half-astounded by this video: Cat Farts & Hiccups at the Same Time. I never thought something like that would be adorable.
  3. Are you a nerd that likes to get his drink on? Combine the two worlds and imbibe this concoction, a taste cocktail affectionately called The Warp Pipe.
  4. Some fun displays of multiplicity. Yes, technology your average person owns has surpassed the best effects of crappy Michael Keaton movies.
  5. Behind the scenes TED talk from engineer Adam Sandusky, discussing the creation of the OK Go Rube Goldberg machine video for This Too Shall Pass, which I was listening to while writing this post. Cheers.
  6. Flash. Circles of color. Put your mouse over them. They divide. Like, whoa man.
  7. One of the coolest clocks I’ve ever seen. I think I’m going to make it my homepage. What’s with the Netherlands totally rocking visual design?
  8. The most holy crap moments filmed ever; some of the luckiest people on the planet, escaping death by just fractions and millimeters.
  9. Wired Science has an article that transitions sci-fi with science fact: the Japanese have deployed a spacecraft with a solar sail propulsion system. Snoogans.
  10. MarioCrossover.com places other video game characters in the plumber’s world. Why no one thought to do this before is beyond me, but it’s awesome…except that one can’t seem to toggle the sound. Oh well.

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