Missing Links: Fictional Reality Edition

This week in Missing Links, we’re going to bring you the best that the Internet has to offer by ways of the twisted minds or the copious amounts of time of professionals and fans by ways of nerdiness. Enjoy!

  1. John Nolan is a genius in animatronics. Click the link to have your face blown away at the sight of the most insane works of mechanical puppetry you’ve ever seen.
  2. FictionalMaterials.com gives you a periodic table of elements that only exist in fictional realities. Sequenced similarly to a real periodic table, these are hysterical. Scroll over for the element’s description.
  3. Less fictional, and more digital, this is a fascinating link: learn the secrets of Google. Hack security cameras, refine your searches, and other fun trivialities, with the best search site around.
  4. Here we have another link that exists fictionally, merely because dinosaurs are extinct. This dino’s either waiting for his owner, or lunch. These may be one and the same.
  5. People spend a lot of time playing video games – living in their own little reality. Here’s some statistics about video gamers, and video games, in a visually pleasing format.
  6. Dreams are a fictional reality right? Check out this itty bitty, wittle kittums dweaming in teh most adowable fashion…sorry, the cuteness made mush of my mind for a moment.
  7. The greatest crafters of fictional realities are writers. As one, I can tell you that the worlds in my head can oft times seem more real than reality. Here’s a links page for writers.
  8. Fictional characters make tracks in the snow, on XKCD – comics for nerdity. My favorite are the Calvin and Hobbes tracks.
  9. Sometimes the line between reality and fiction can sort of blur. Case in point: Cincinnati, OH has its own superheroes. I shit you not. Vigilantes are apparently popping up everywhere. At least they’re not obsessed with Avatar too and painting themselves blue and running around in loincloths.
  10. The greatest boon to people everywhere tapping into fictional realities is alcohol. Here’s a fun little flash app called Tequila Vision, that looks at the difference between reality and (drunken) perception. Grab the glass and roll it over the images to see how tequila alters reality.

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