Missing Links: Fresh Edition

We’re gonna give you the illest ish on a silver dish today in the Links, kid! You think the lightest wit would bring the highest bid, and don’t you know that it did! So relax a bit and click through, these sites won’t diss you or cause you computer issues; but if you miss, true, your tears’ll need a tissue. Word.

  1. For everything you need to know about “Fresh,” “Freshness,” “Freshnicity,” “Freshocity,” and “Freshervescence(tm),” check out the Wikipedia disambiguation page.
  2. The most wicked Ian McKellen impression I’ve ever seen; Gandalf recites the theme for Fresh Prince (wicked props to Big Poppa Snark, the sick link shark for finding this gem of Hunter Davis).
  3. Be both fly and environmentally conscious: make yo’ trash into flash, like these guys on Cracked’s list.
  4. Superman and Batman be blingin’ in different threads, when io9 lists the sickest scribes giving heroes alternate lives.
  5. Yo you, yo. Ain’t no playas all stinky in the joint. Get your fresh on at Fresh.com – with scents and moisturizers for keep ya from smellin’ like a felon.
  6. It don’t get fresher than a celebrity – they got built in game, right: they’re automatically interesting people – no? You’re right. No. At least of all Nic Cage who’s talkin’ ’bout how he only eats flesh of animals who have interesting sex. That’s the opposite of ill, Nic; that secret sauce is fowl.
  7. If you’ve got a blog, you wanna keep it fresh, so check out Blogfresh to learn the code that’ll help you loads.
  8. Tech is fresh, it’s hot off the press, the cats at Gizmodo let you know why Android is best. Expect no less than grandiose things; because the new Android has got the best bling.
  9. Fresh out the 80’s, you gotta have played, Pacman, way back in the day – here’s the link to the Google banner fool, and if you want more, you’ll have to check out the module.
  10. Most important fresh out there’s fresh water. People around the world don’t have access to it. Technologies are trying to change that. Learn here how light can make even the most putrid water potable.

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