Missing Links: Magic Edition

Street Magic has always fascinated me. The sleight of hand being too much for my clumsy mitts though, so I prefer to spectate and ruin the fun for everyone else by telling people how the tricks are done. Sometimes I can’t, and I’ll be the first to admit awe. Here, we’ve got some links for illusions and card tricks, as well as some fun with statistics, which can be a sort of magic all their own.

  1. This amazing illusion is a fun twist on the old cup and ball routine.
  2. Here’s some everyday magic that will be taken for granted in half a century: The National Ignition Facility is looking to fire up a super-huge laser in the quest for controlled fusion.
  3. When is a card trick more than a card trick? When it’s got a story behind it.
  4. This isn’t so much magic as it is digital effects, but it’s fun nonetheless. Bullet Bill makes waves in this fun .GIF.
  5. PETA’s all about the ethically treating animals, right? Well, it’s funny how that concept can skew. Look at the magic of the statistics of their work.
  6. Not so much magic, but fun regardless, here’s some geeky things you can do with an empty bottle.
  7. More magic of technology: see the earth from Marvin the Martian’s backyard.
  8. Light can have some wonderful optical effects, especially when it’s passing through these home-made Kodachrome curtains.
  9. Ninjawords.com is a really fast dictionary – like, ninja fast. There’s some magic to that, I’d say.
  10. Like the universe is one weird clockwork mechanism, learn 5 Cheap Tricks Behind Every Psychic.

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