Missing Links: Games Edition

Everyone from the elderly to the infantile love games (or so Milton Bradley has led me to believe), so here’s a links page for the gamers. From modern takes on gaming tables to sushi loving kitty cats, here’s links for interactive fun.

  1. I Love Traffic lets you control the stop lights of several lanes of cars and trucks. The objective is to prevent accidents, but damn it’s cool when you screw up. No explosions or anything, but imagine the terror of the little animated figures in those cars, compelled without explanation, in some hell, like Sisyphus rolling up his stone, to plow at full speed at a traffic light, praying the One Who Controls the Light is on their game. A challenging game, particularly once you get to four lanes of traffic. From Konami and Armor Games.
  2. Who doesn’t love ice hockey? Or foosball? Or pool? Anyone who’s got room for a gaming table  is sure to have considered putting some sort in. Well, before you do take a look at this list of ten modern takes on the game table.
  3. A lot of us grew up with gaming that had 16 bit graphics; 16 bits that we were damn glad to have. I don’t know if a kid that grew up with a 360 could be persuaded to play these, but for the rest of us, the nostalgia alone is worth these Free Classic Games. Take into consideration that some of them, like Donkey Kong, are considered  of the hardest games of all time, one comes to realize that these games’ll be on the Internet for a while.
  4. Play Paxon for a Pacman take on Jezzball.
  5. Piece together a moving puzzle of a guy on a hang-glider, in the very creative, though quick, Fly. From HARADA Yasunori.
  6. Guess-the-Google gives you a series of images and has you reason what search term was used to pull the images. A fun little time-waster from Scott Robinson.
  7. Sushi Cat is hungry. Drop the kitty Plinko style to feed him sushi. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as “Full Belly Achieved.”
  8. So these aren’t really games, but they will make doing chores easier, giving you more time to play games. The combination hamper/washer/dryer, the dishwasher/sink, and the compartmentalized refrigerator are straight up my alley.
  9. Demolition City is a fun game where you get to detonate buildings. Just strap the dynamite to the foundations and click “Boom” to bring the structures down.
  10. Pamplona the Chase gives you a parkour tour of Europe. As the hero, you’ll run through the streets of Pamplona, Venica, and Great Britain, avoiding bulls, paramours, and the bobbies.

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