Weekly Time Waste: Judge Coco Edition

Nomination for the Supreme Court

Do these robes make my ears look big? They do? Okay, so long as I'm still freakishly tall.

Ladies and gentleman, my nominee for the US Supreme Court. Doesn’t he just look spiffy in robes? This week’s Time Waste comes from the fact that the Honorable Judge John Paul Stevens has announced his retirement. President Obama has already announced a short list comprised of eight individuals, whom he says are his consideration for Steven’s replacement, including Martha L. Minow, dean of Harvard Law, who was once the president’s professor. Also among the list seem to be people who aren’t qualified for the job, like Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the Democratic Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, who are lawyers technically, I guess, but haven’t ever sat on a bench.

Since the list seems to be arbitrarily drawn I figured I might throw my two-cents worth and nominate Conan O’Brien, who kicked off his live tour in Oregon last night. Sure he just signed a contract with TBS, but how could he turn down the possibility of making legislation that regulates the chin size of talk-show host or that peacock become the official bird of Thanksgiving? I’m just sayin’, the Supreme Court needs some funny, and who but Coco could bring it?


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