Missing Links: Eccentric Spin Edition

Perhaps our most wholesome links page yet: we’ve got home-grown lightsaber fights, a course on Einstein, pics lists, interactive archaeology, insight into machinery, access to hidden information, and kids stories by Neil Gaiman. Get some hot chocolate and cuddle up to these awesome websites:

  1. Over here, Unreality has compiled 10 of the best fan-made lightsaber battles. The first two are entries of the Ryan vs. Dorkman entries, literally some studio caliber work. Do check out the sfx sample from their DVD, where they explain how they made their short.
  2. Want a college-level introduction to Einstein’s effect on relativity and physics? The University of Pittsburgh’s Professor John D. Norton has made available his textbook, Einstein for Everyone, free to the Internet masses. In convenient html, this text is extremely functional on any e-Reader with a web browser.
  3. Wildammo.com has a series of antique pictures being held at their modern dopplegangers, linking the past to the present. The overlays are astounding, and gives these areas the weight of their ages.
  4. 20 moments of animals being awesome. These are certainly the most rad animals ever. From BannedinHollywood.com.
  5. Explore the exteriors of Petra: the Lost City of Stone, presented online by the American Museum of Natural History.
  6. Ever been curious as to how a sewing machine works, or the system inside an manual transmission?  Then you need to look at the gifs, explaining simple mechanisms. From Buzzhunt.co.uk.
  7. You’ve got a fun time-waster in Card Toss, a game brought to you by the United States Playing Card Company.
  8. There’s a lot of information you can grab on Google, but you can’t see it all. Like, university catalogs can’t be accessed by it, like totally? That where this link comes in: here’s a compilation of search engines for the Invisible Web, from MakeUseOf.com.
  9. Google Streets has caught a lot of data – billions, if not trillions of photographs stitched together. Since it was capturing people as well as the roads, there were bound to be some weird ones. Here’s 35 of them. From WTF.TheBizzare.com.
  10. Visit the Neil Gaiman Young Reader’s Website, Mouse Circus, for extras, including animated illustrations, trailers, and candid talks from the author. It’s things like this that will make tablets so amazing for children. Brilliance and cheers to Mssr. Gaiman and the publishers at HarperCollins.

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