Missing Links: Disparate Edition

Links from around the Interwebs that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, besides being fascinating. Eat ’em up!

  1. First on the docket – what other life-forms think of us. Sci-fi with a unique perspective, from Terry Bisson, in its proper format, circa 1990.
  2. The scale of the universe: from the subatomic, to the edge of space, with mot everything in between in a convenient SWF format.
  3. Movie body counts. Who knew Disney films had so much violence?
  4. For some time-wasting: Tangram, like your high school geometry cut outs, except you get to make bird shapes instead.
  5. Some very creative people have photoshopped what future technology might look like – nothing so pointless as this, just regular pointless.
  6. Fun self-drawn spinning string(s) from Zefrank.
  7. For everyone who ever envied Adam West on the old Batman TV show: the Reversica Hidden TV and Hidden Door.
  8. Why a degree in theology is pointless.
  9. Protein RGS-14 could give you perfect visual memory.
  10. The difference between physical and digital memory. I have but one word: “daaaaaaaamn.”
  • Bonus link: In a very uncommon moment, Scumbag Style gets all fanboy…about the upcoming Muppets movie. This is rarer than a Jack in the Box burger. Enjoy.

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