Missing Links: Brevity Edition

Sometimes just a sentence or two will do.

  1. For some greatness in space story story-telling, check out: Space Adventures in Space: The Space Stories.
  2. Failings of the human race (and one duck): pictures of terrible child care.
  3. Herp! Derp!
  4. Play Left 4 Dead with a Super Mario themed mod.
  5. See the amazing art of Michael O.
  6. Best alphabet ever.
  7. Short stories. Just because it’s a UK site doesn’t mean they’re all British.
  8. Foxes jumping on a trampoline: what more do you need today?
  9. Internet Movie Script Database: so you can read the experience of Avatar, or the Oscar-overlooked A Serious Man.
  10. Read Brave New World online.

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