Missing Links: Beware the March of Ideas Edition

For people obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge, this is the Missing Links for you! We’ve got three websites with free access to books, with different formats, a place to take free college courses from top universities, Paris in a panoramic view, and much much more. All the information is in the public domain and available to you without the hazards of illegal of illegal downloading.

  1. Have your iPhone/Android phone handy? Give this site a gander, where you can find books, in their entirety, for free with no download necessary. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Divine Comedy, The Jungle Book, Madame Bovary, Thus Spake Zarathustra, and many more are available for your perusal, at your leisure.
  2. Now here’s a free book website for you folks with an e-Reader or a new gen phone with a mobile reader, or even for those who just want to download books as .rtf files. That’s right, available in pretty much any format you can handle, are free books in their entirety.
  3. Speaking of books, have you ever wanted to see Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland? Well now that the British Library has scanned their copy, you can! Available in several resolutions, you can get close enough to see the stray ink!
  4. Reading not your thing? Books Should Be Free feels your pain. That’s why they have available, for free download, a range of thousands of audio books. Simply point, click, open the zip and put onto your MP3 player for classic books read to you anywhere, anytime.
  5. You thought you could never take a course at Harvard, Stanford, Yale or MIT, and before the invention of the Internet, you’d probably be right. Take a peek at Academic Earth, who offer video lectures from top universities for free. No tuition required, just click play when your schedule allows it. The Digital Age is awesome.
  6. Ever wondered what Star Wars would look like if it were Steampunk? Wonder no more! Eric Poulton has arranged a series of 2d pieces that give a Victorian twist on the ancient galaxy far, far away.
  7. Here’s a view of Paris from directly above the Eiffel Tower. Now in complete 360° panorama!
  8. Build your own snowflake at zefrank.com. Not only that, switch between 2d and 3d rotations, allowing you to build your own spinning tesseract.
  9. Waste some time with a new word game called DeepLeap. Kind of like Scrabble, but with no board. Type quickly!
  10. For more time wasting, try this game called Fulfillment. That is if you dig those geometry puzzles they had you do in high school. And who doesn’t love those? This time you get points!

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