Weekly Time Waste: Merger Edition

I did this and even I find it disturbing

Because my insomnia's not already an issue...

The horror seen above is in response to the Contact Music article out today reporting that the Calvin Klein brand is acquiring the Tommy Hilfiger brand, thereby creating the world’s largest clothing company, with an estimated $4.6 billion revenue. When asked about the merger, Hilfiger said he “look[s] forward to remaining actively involved in the business.” Little did he realize what that meant, though as seen above, he doesn’t look terribly distraught about the situation.

Now that this madness is done, please excuse me: I need to go scour my eyes with Brillo. Also, apologies to Christina Ricci for doing this to her; Harrison Ford can suck it for thinking hiding in a refrigerator to escape nuclear fallout was a solid script choice. Cheers.


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