Missing Links: Stumbleupon Edition

One of the greatest boons to online goof-offery is the advent of the toolbar add-on, Stumbleupon. It is a leading cause of self-imposed insomnia and a phenomenal way of finding the most interesting stuff on the web. Download the add-on and sign-up and you can put your website up on the stumbling goodness, for thousands of people to happen upon by nearly-complete accident. Internet win!

  1. Here’re ten of the most puzzling archaeological mysteries known to modern man. Machined parts and advanced models of the ancient world, seemingly laughing at the face of the known advancements of technology. Babylonians had batteries and ancient people claim to be from space. Too crazy to be true? Read on and try to explain this shit!
  2. Less mysterious, but just as wondrous is the night sky. Thanks to the majesty of the Internet, you no longer have to make up your own constellations, there’s a wiki, WikiSKy, which will give you the names of the all the patterns scientists say are in the sky. Toggle between views of sky in visible, infrared, and x-ray lights, and find the stars directly above you right now!
  3. Enjoying your ability to use the wonderful resources that is the Internet? Well, Robert Evans of Cracked.com gives you 5 Reasons Why The Internet Might Cease to Be at Any Moment. Seriously, I’d better type this quickly.
  4. Speaking of enjoying the Internet: I’m just gonna point out that it would have been impossible without the invention of radio. So vis a vis, Nikola Tesla invented the Internet. Okay, no he didn’t but here’s some other crazy shit he did invent, some of which we’re still only just stabbing at.
  5. What does facial hair say about you? Everything between Hitler and Super-Wizard are outlined in this wonderful chart on YayEveryday, stolen from College Humor.
  6. DailyShite’s got a pictorial entry: How Fairy Tales Really End. It’s not surprising at all to me that Cinderella’s a lush. I’d drink too if I were in a Disney movie.
  7. The only thing better than a Willard Scott segment on the Today Show? Scumbag Style reporting on the deaths of the oldest people in the US in the Willard Scott style. Seriously though, this deserves a Pulitzer.
  8. In the game Mushroom Life you get to play God to a fungus patch. Place your little mushroom caps on the grid in whatever pattern you’d like and watch the little bastards through their life-cycle. The only thing better would be if you could make some of them hallucinogenic.
  9. Speaking of mushroom-eaters, here’s a wonderful animation: The People’s Mario. Comrade Mario rampages through Mushroom Kingdom wielding the mighty hammer of the Socialist Republic, fighting for truth, justice, and the borscht-eating way.
  10. Tired of looking at photographs looking only like photographs and nothing more? With this download you can turn your photos into mosaics using text you choose! Turning your wedding photo into an outline of your marriage vows, or your picture photography into a letter to Penthouse; just a few clicks away!

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