Around the Multiplex: Green League Mother

Out at the box-office this weekend: Green Zone, She’s Out of My League, and Mother.  Granted, there’s also Remember Me,  but this is a Robert Pattinson-free zone so no review of that here. Let’s take a look at the IMPORTANT trailers and find out if they’re worth: your ten bucks, waiting for the Red Box, putting it 25th in your Netflix queue, or forgetting it ever existed! This week on Around the Multiplex!

Green Zone

Not to be confused with, this films stars Matt Damon as Jason Bour…no it doesn’t, it just seems that way considering it’s like the eightieth movie Damon’s done where he’s a covert operative. In this one, Damon plays an Army Officer who’s kind of like Dog the Bounty Hunter – he’s supposed to bring the bad guy in; then he finds out that “Magellan,” the “best source [the Army’s] ever had,” is a crock of shit and goes rogue, trying to bring the people responsible for lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction to justice. Co-starring Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets; Stuck on You) and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, 28 Days Later), this movie look chock-full of shaky-camera action shots sure to get your heart-pounding, and perhaps a little queasy. I was a little nauseous watching the trailer, but they may have been the tuna sandwich I had for lunch. Here’s the trailer:

All-in-all it looks like the standard action fare we’re getting out of war-time-era film-making in this age. Given the actors, the performances should be good, but it’s not going to pull me into the theater. It may get a rental out of me, though I’ll probably wait to see it until it comes out on cable. If you’re a fan of Damon or of heart-palpitating action, I’d give it three-and-a-half plutonium cores  out of five for seeing it in theaters.

She’s Out of My League

Starring Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder) and nobody else you’ll recognize, ads for She’s Out of My League have compared it to The Hangover. Considering that latter film was the biggest comedy success of last year, and it’s early yet, this may be the biggest advertising disappointment of 2010 – it’s a tall order to be hanging on the lanky frame of Baruchel.

Anyway, the movie is about Kirk (Baruchel), a TSA agent who through the circumstances of a forgotten cell phone strikes up a relationship with a girl (Molly, played by Alice Eve) who is infinitely more attractive than he. Kirk needs to overcome his own self-doubt and the Machiavellian machinations of Molly’s ex-boyfriend, Kam (Geoff Stultz), in order to keep her around. Can he succeed? Does the trailer give us any clues?

It’s a romantic comedy; written by the guys you brought you Sex Drive and the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine and directed by a guy I’ve never heard of, who looks kind of like a little lesbian in the same way Patton Oswald looks like a little lesbian, in his IMDB photo; so I’m guessing so. I highly doubt there will be any camera work that requires this movie to be seen on the Big Screen (comedy’s just as funny on a TV), so I’m rating it two-out-of -five panty-less hotties for seeing it in theaters, with a “why-the-hell-not,” on getting it out the Redbox in a month or two.


The last film on our list is a South Korean flick opening this weekend in LA and NY only. Its story revolves around a mother desperately trying to prove that her seemingly somewhat retarded son didn’t commit murder. Mother looks like one of the most depressing movies of the year, and primarily makes the list because it was written and directed by someone named Bong Joon-ho (being Asiatic, “Bong” is the guy’s familial name, which is just awesome); he’s practically begging me to go see it high! Here’s the trailer:

Jeez, dude, you’re harshing my mellow. Mother was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, but it lost out to An Education, because…wait a minute, that was a foreign film? Then why the hell was it in the Best Picture category in the Oscars and not in Best Foreign Film? Some played a mean-ol’ trick on Bong.

Well, besides for being a little melancholy, this movie seems fairly interesting, like The Life of David Gale meets Forrest Gump, except without the uplifting moments were the simpleton meets famous people and is instead on death row. If you’re into artsy foreign films, this one gets a four-out-of-five bars of soap for seeing it in your nearest art-house theater. For everyone else, wait for the video game.



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