Missing Links: Dugg Edition

This week we’re highlighting things found off the five-year-old social networking site for webpages, Digg, a wonderful resource allowing websites to get notoriety through the clicks of readers; it is also immensely helpful for finding stuff to link to on a links post. You don’t need to sign up for Digg if you’ve got a Facebook account, which is pretty nifty now, no? Just sign in another tab or window.

  1. The Oscars were last night, and congratulations to all the winners! Pretty awesome to win the award, huh? Well, too bad, ’cause you’re not getting a condolence basket, chock full of crazy goodies, the most expensive basket in Oscar history.
  2. The evolution of Email, from figures and fun facts, like how 97% of email is spam. Ain’t the future grand?
  3. According to British rag, The Telegraph, a street in York, affectionately known as “The Shambles,” has won Google’s first ever Street View Award. It’s a picturesque little road lodged between buildings that date back to the 15th century, so if you want to know what England looked like during the Hundred Years’ War, this is the link for you.
  4. Mashable gets the late-breaking award for reporting on Google’s new Public Data Explorer. This program will allow student,s journalists, and other sorts of researchers looking for public figures: like birth rates, unemployment rates, death rates and more in a very aesthetic visual manner, allowing for the data to be converted from one sort of chart to another. Not like back before the Internet when you actually had to look this shit up. Ain’t the future grand?
  5. First commercially released Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). That’s right, we’re a step closer into the Matrix. Take a look at that last video. Doesn’t that seem like a fun way to control a computer?
  6. A trailer that lampoons every Academy Award winning movie ever. Featured on Cracked.com, from the BriTANick crew. “Catchphrase!”
  7. For people who love charts depicting douchebaggery, Holy Taco’s got the motherload: 2009 Douchebaggyness Tournament Style.
  8. Funny or Die’s got the immensely dugg Best Fails of 2009. That means you’ve probably already seen it. Which means, like me, you wanted to watch it again. If you haven’t seen it – it’s totally worth a watch and a digg.
  9. We do some awesome photo manipulation here at Worlds As Myth, like this one and that one. Here, however, are some tutorials that are going to make our photoshoppery even better: 40 Awesome Photo-Manipulation Tutorials.
  10. In the aptly named article, “Warp Speed Will Kill You,” Space.com’s Jeremy Hsu explains how Dr. William Edelstein’s findings that hydrogen can become explosive at warp speed. The good doctor even goes on to use a clip from the original Star Trek. Way to kill the nerd dream doc; why couldn’t you be a cooler doc, like one that breaks the laws of physics, like Doc Brown.

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