Music Videos from This Week

Gorillaz Release Video for “Stylo” or What Nightmares Are Made Of

Live Action 'rillaz

I wanted to see this when Gorillaz first came out - now I'm sorry dreams come true.

That’s right, the video for the first single off their album Plastic Beach can be seen by clicking the photo or here. Or you can watch below. Decidedly and sadly missing is my favorite Gorilla, Russ…on second-hand, I don’t know that I’d have wanted to seen him freakishly real.

Rube Goldberg Machine Holds OK Go Inside It

Of all the things that has had OK Go inside it, this is by far the largest. Wired’s Gadget Lab has an exposé on the process of getting hold of a two-story warehouse and building a ginormous Rube Goldberg machine, perhaps the most intricate of its sort I have ever seen. This video is spectacular, a continuing tradition of OK Go’s fantastic forays into the video realm. Catch the video  for the new song “This Too Shall Pass,” which starts off with the band covered in paint, because in all the thing took 60 takes to work right in one sitting, followed by the original video for “This Too Shall Pass,” followed by “Here It Goes Again.”

Shakira Video Premieres – People Still Don’t Care

Apparently, the huge successes of OK Go and Gorillaz is just a fluke to people like Shakira, who’s opted to put her video on Vevo, which doesn’t embed into WordPress. You can watch the official video here, if you care, which I don’t so I didn’t. To round out this post, find below the live version of the boring song, with Shakira ululating like a goat, just like she normally does. Cheers.


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