Apple May Own the Tech, but Cisco Still Owns “iPhone.”

Cisco v. Apple

What's in a name? That which we call a "rose," by any other name would have as many buttons.

Kinda sucks when other people take your shit, huh, Apple? Cisco could have told you that, and did back in 2007 when you stole the name of their trademarked product. In a way, you set the precedent for how the cell phone arms race was going to go when you pulled a fast one on former partner Cisco. The only thing funnier than this coming around to bite you in the ass with HTC is the fact that The Slippery Brick page, where I first caught wind of this story, that was posted back in 2007, now looks like this:

or Ha! Look who owns AdSense!

Highlighted in red, for your amusement, actual irony.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Apple is extremely innovative and they did certainly set the precedent for the modern technological shift, but unless the 20 component patents can be found to be identical in the system used in the Nexus One, this suits going bye-bye faster than the Cisco trademark suit. It would like HP suing Dell for infringing on a particular PC set-up. However, these charges and allegations are a major slap in the face to Google, which if the suit does in fact go through would lose them the right to sell their first step into the tactile US market (every single other product they distribute, save merchandise, is virtual). This would be detrimental to the procession of Google’s plan to take over the world. If that happens we’ll just have to wait for the fiber optics network that gets everyone speeding around the Intertubes one-hundred times faster than we’re currently doing, even on broadband speeds, then connect our paltry iPads to Google’s infrastructure. If Google doesn’t release their own net-tablet by then, of course, operating on Chrome OS.

Here’s the thing, if I am going to be totally frank on the subject of patent infringement: I don’t want Apple to win this lawsuit. As Cracked columnist, Robert Evans, points out here, Apple is super proprietary, and insists that they need to sell devices with certain amounts of GB for memory, when if they’d just install a USB port, the memory would be limitless. How do I know they’re shitting me when they don’t put one in? Because my shitty two-year-old cell phone has a USB port – a USB mini, which last I checked is just as good as any standard-sized USB 2.0.  This is a capitalistic country, and at that, a technologically advanced country, so to create a monopoly on the next wave of tech is not only a bad idea, it also happens to be unlawful here. This is why I think that Steve Jobs is going to either see this through court and  possibly (probably?) fail, or maybe try and getting HTC into a settlement, because I’d sort of  surprised if Apple takes the cake on this one.


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