Missing Links: Beware the Idea of March Edition

Brand new month’s elbowed in, huh. Rent’s making its way, is it? Are all your responsibilities in order? No?

Well, here’s some links to idle the time with – I know I like ’em.

  1. Web Urbanist’s thrown together a slew of fantastic geek gadgets for around your house. From a keyboard-producing waffle iron to the Defendius door chain, this stuff’s perfect for the modern-day Howard Hughes.
  2. Newgrounds hosts a video of the magical journey of Shigeru Miyamoto through the world of Nintendo. Absolutely hysterical/adorable/awesome rendition of Nintendo CEO battling through Goombas, Moblins, and Donkey Kong to get back to the real world.
  3. Famous Paul of The Ugly Couch Show  interviews writer, Mike Sacks, author of the book And Here’s the Kicker, conversations with humor writers on the topic of writing comedy. Among the interviewees are Harold Ramos, David Sedaris, Al Jaffee, Rober Smigel, and Bob Odenkirk.
  4. Cracked’s got a list of cell phone technologies that will soon be in your cell phone. Digging hard on eventually getting a holo-augmented-flexi-uni-translator-medi-scan-mp3-phone. Not so much on the all-in-one ID card.
  5. Mattel releases the new Computer Engineer Barbie,  severely messing with little girls’ perceptions of what IT people look like. Add some Cheetos powder around the lips and blouse, another forty pounds to that torso, and put some straight-up fur on those legs and you’ve got an accurate depiction.
  6. Four words. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Only 30 days until Script Frenzy (actual days until Script Frenzy may vary, depending when you looked at this article)! A world-wide challenge to write 100 pages of a script in 30 days.
  8. 25 images of persons with fantastic facial hair. From der Holy Taco.
  9. Thanks to Nordic Track you can literally walk anywhere. Virtually. Just click the link to Popular Science.
  10. God bless Stumbleupon. Apparently the entire NOVA series explaining String Theory is online. Schrödinger’s cat both lives and is dead! (Requires Quicktime or Real Player, broken into snippets but complete runtime is 3 hours).
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