Around the Multiplex: Crazie Cop Handkerchief

Breaking through onto the silver screen this weekend, we’ve got these titles: The Crazies, Cop Out, and, in limited release, The Yellow Handkerchief. This time around we’ve heard of two out of three of these gems, let’s take a look at the trailers and make our judgments, shall we?

The Crazies

This scream-thing appears to at first glance a mash-up of 28 Days Later and The Fog, but is in fact a remake of a 1973 film of the same name. A horror-thriller about a town that goes crazy/is invaded by the military after their water is infected, starring Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard, Deadwood, Go), Radha Mitchell (Surrogates, Silent Hill, High Art), and Danielle Panabaker (The new Friday the 13th, Sky High), this remake looks to be, very much like the new  Dawn of the Dead, a way better version of the original. The reason, if it weren’t obvious, for my drawing that comparison, is that the original was a George A. Romero film, so if you are planning on seeing this, expect a chilling, thrilling, killing good time – as you can see from the trailer:

If you’re into scary movies, I’d probably give this one 4 out of 5 viral infections for seeing it in theaters. Since I don’t care for them, and my fiancee scares easy, I’m going to give it a pass on the big screen and watch it if I have some free-time for horror, which i might make, because Timothy Olyphant is the tits.

Cop Out

The first offering of comedy from fan-celebrated director Kevin Smith that does not feature Jason Mewes or Kevin Smith with an appearance on screen, Cop Out stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, who take up the mantle of two cops on the hunt for a stolen baseball card, which Willis needs to help pay for his daughter’s wedding. Along the way, they seem to run into Sean William Scott (Bulletproof Monk, Dukes of Hazard), Kevin Pollock (The Whole Nine Yards, The Usual Suspects), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Eurotrip, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series). I personally preferred when the movie was called A Couple of Dicks – Smith backed out of the title under studio pressure – but did not really plan to see it. Let’s give a gander to the trailer and see if we can figure out why:

Oh Kevin Smith. This is another case of Hollywood giving you a short straw man. You shouldn’t be doing comedies – you should really be writing superhero movies. Anyway, I think I chuckles through this trailer the first time I saw it, but at this point, the laughs have been pulled into the witness protection program and given new identities. I rate it 1 out 5 “No, no, no, hell no, I refu…, nos” for avoiding until such time as I am sufficiently stoned that I don’t recall actually having seen the movie.

The Yellow Handkerchief

William Hurt is undoubtedly one of my favorite actors, and I am always happy to see a movie that places him as the protagonist. In The Yellow Handkerchief though, as ex-convict Brett Hanson, he also appears to be an antagonist, a supposed thorn in the side of his ex-wife, May (Maria Bello, Thank You for Smoking, A History of Violence) and an actual impetus for the developed relationship between Martine (Kristen Stewart, The Runaways, Twilights) and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Good Sheperd). There’s a quiet sophistication to the old story (told also but in a far more fantasy-oriented interpretation in Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods) committed to film by director Udayan Prasad and cinematographer Chris Menges in 2008, I am greatly surprised that it is only opening in limited release this weekend. I give it ten-to-life for seeing it as soon as you can.


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