Missing Links: Late Edition

Eat ’em up before they’re extinct!

  1. Harmut Neven, a German scientist with Google, establishes link between Google Googles and Google Translate, allowing one to photograph the German language and get a translation of it. You’re shitting me, nein?
  2. It’s a good thing Google Translate is around, because Babelfish sucks: here’s 11 menus that used Babelfish in their translation. Favorite? Johnnie Worker: Red Labial.
  3. Worth1000’s got your Mate a Movie, get your movie poster mash-ups, submitted by users. My dead-set favorite is Reservoir Droogs.
  4. Before electricity was a commonplace, everyday thing, some mad (brilliant) mad scientists dreamed up these bad boys: 6 Badass (Steampunk-y) Robots.
  5. Now every Tom, Dick, and Harriet…and Bob are on CNN. The Gregory Brothers make a mockery of turtle fences. Also Scott Brown and the Superbowl.
  6. I don’t watch most of these shows, but holy crap, there’s a lot of green screen usage in television! I swear, on a lot of these, I’d never have known if Stargate Studios didn’t tell me. Good work, brah!
  7. Holy Taco presents to you: 25 Most Awesomest Guitar. Build a man a guitar boat and he’ll play Smoke on the Water, teach a man to build a guitar boat, and I don’t know, he’ll probably play Bridge Over Troubled Water.
  8. 50 of the Funniest Google Searches ever. Thanks Man-o-Fest, even though your website is somewhat annoying to navigate.
  9. I don’t care that Iron Man and Batman Begins are the same movie: they’re romping, stomping good times, damnit. And their suits are cool.
  10. You can spend your entire day going through The Chive’s Daily Afternoon Randomness. Some of the greatest memes the Intertubes has to offer. Enjoy.

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