Weekly Time Waste: Family Factor Edition

Not Your Everyday Episode

You think she was upset before...

This week’s Time Waste is brought to you by Sarah Palin’s response on the Family Guy episode that made fun of her family. Why does this inspire a time waste? Because, like most things on Family Guy, this too should be ignored. This has everything to do with free speech, just as this image above, where nobody is being defamed, just silly things are appearing across your cornea/auditory canal. Was the Family Guy joke funny? No, Family Guy rarely is – however, the above photo is certainly hysterical.

Anyway, since no one was hurt by the statement, least of all Trig, and frankly, Sarah Palin needs to step the hell out of the spotlight so we can all stop talking about her. And photoshopping her head on fat animated characters’ bodies. Seriously, as a protest to Palin I may begin a campaign, photoshopping her on Cleveland, Fat Albert, Fred Flintstone, Wimpy, Eric Cartman, Jeff Albertson, and even Garfield. Don’t take this lightly Fox – you will come to rue the day you put Sarah Palin on the air…mark my words.



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4 responses to “Weekly Time Waste: Family Factor Edition

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  2. Did I already tell you that I really like each and every topics on your site ?

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