Weekly Time Waste: Mission Unflappable Edition

Hey fuck-face!

Les Grossman, the new Ethan Hunt.

This week’s Time Waste is brought to you by the fact that Tom Cruise has signed on to reprise his Mission: Impossible character for the next chapter in the film series nobody wanted to see. It’s set to be directed by J.J. Abrams and penned by the guys who wrote the critically acclaimed Life on Mars, so at least the action will probably be pretty cool. Seriously no offense to Tom Cruise, but me and every other person who has seen Tropic Thunder will pay admission twice over to see a Mission Impossible starring Les Grossman. Just think about it, Tom and get back to me – I got a killer script I’m sitting on.



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2 responses to “Weekly Time Waste: Mission Unflappable Edition

  1. Is there a way to see updates to your site on my desktop? I have been tracking your site for a while now and want to see when it is updated.

    • Hi Luigi,
      Glad to hear it. There are a couple of ways to track updates in your Internet browser. One is to enable RSS or Headline feeds, depending on the browser you use, there are some ways to make those setting changes. The other option is to plug the site into Google Reader: whenever I update, it’ll update in there automatically.

      I hope this has been helpful – let me know if you are having any difficulties.


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