Missing Links: F*ck It Edition

So there’s this wonderful little holiday coming up that has something to do with a dude about to be thrown to the lions, which somehow translates to giving flowers, chocolates, and going out to dinner. Anyway, I don’t care enough about it to track down romance-associated links, so instead, I’m saying “fuck it” and just throwing up the links I find funniest. Enjoy, eh?

  1. What’s the best way to say “fuck it?” Don’t take your own advice, like say, posting a sign about not using tape with tape. Or putting a Dead End sign right by a cemetery. Holy Taco has 25 such photographs for you.
  2. There’s quite a bit of falsehood on the Internet, in case you hadn’t heard. On Facebook and dating websites it abounds, people lying. Let’s have a look at College Humor, where they show us what the world might be like if the Internet were truthful.
  3. You’ve seen these pictures thousands of times, if you live in the digital age, which I presume you do if you’re reading this article. Anyway, you’ve probably missed some things before, as Cracked readers were happy to point out.
  4. I really think that DC Comics have just plain given up. What proof do I have for this? Well, there’s a pirate Bruce Wayne. Also caveman, Puritan, and cowboy Bruce Wayne. I’d put a joke in there somewhere if it weren’t so tragic.
  5. Here are eleven examples of instances where the editors just went “fuck it,” and up and quit. Want to see how bad peoples’ spelling can get?  Clearly morans draem of Chi-tonw.
  6. Fox has apparently lost all sense, sensibility, responsibility, and  all semblance of good taste. They’ve announced they intend to reboot the Daredevil franchise. Film Drunk lets you know why that’s funny.
  7. This apprentice knows the true meaning of “fuck it.” Poor dude’s been tortured. Click, “next page” to get the whole Oglaf-y goodness.
  8. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise know all the euphemisms for “fuck it.” From internal explosions, to feet where they don’t belong, everyone from the Next Generation has real dirty mouths. As I nerd, I find this extremely erotic.
  9. Now, for the literalists who’ve been bugging because I keep saying “fuck it” without any real reference to sex (the Star Trek thing doesn’t count, does it?): research hopes that with the help of our friend, marijuana, men can experience the joys of taking a pill for birth control. Popular Science has the story.
  10. For the ultimate Valentine’s Day “fuck it”-ery, give a click over to Scumbag Style, whose got some very special Valentine’s Day Cards for you to give your sweetheart…if you want them to never speak to you again.

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