Nerd Blurbs: Space Robots, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Office-Produced Toilet Paper

We kick this episode of Nerd Blurbs off with a development coming from NASA and GM, a robot being developed for space missions! Enough blab, there’s video –

R2 is a huge development, considering particularly the shortage toward the NASA budget – it’ll be cheaper to send one of those things to the moon or Mars (considering you don’t have to stock up on food or water or toiletries – just slap a photovoltaic cell on the sucker and let it fly). GM is also looking to apply this technology to their plants, thereby making their production locales safer. Presumably they’ll want to fit these things into cars, allowing for, at least initially, emergency automated drivers. Too drunk to make it home on your own? Active the Robo-chauffeur and mind where you vomit.


Because "Needlemouse" confused people too much.

Next on our list of things that were previously exciting, but now maybe not so much, is the unimaginatively titled Sonic the Hedgehog 4.  Previously announced as the codenamed Project Needlemouse, Sega has made a big deal about “releasing information” about the title – like possible characters (surprise: it’s Sonic) – and has committed to the idea that there will be multiple episodes, hence the first release being titled “Episode 1.” Okay, Sega, you’re not even going to go the George Lucas route and give each episode a title? Wicked snooze man; Sonic could have been a major win (look at the Super Mario Brother Wii), but it sounds like it’s gonna be boring business as usual ’round the Sega Corporation – like the developers are just taking a 3d turd in the good ol’ 2d bowl. Frownie face on this clown.

Rejects photocopies of body parts.

Because the name "Paper-Eating Paper-Shitter" was already taken.

Speaking of turds, a company out of Japan has figured out how to turn office paper waste into something productive: toilet paper! That’s right, now you can wipe your ass with those TPS reports, stat! Called “White Goat,” this device will turn roughly 40 sheets of A4 paper into one standard roll of TP. Rather than merely shredding documents, and outsourcing to other companies to deal with the waste, companies can take the task into their own hands, giving their employees something to read while on the can, and also utilizing their dookie to keep sensitive information classified. Lord knows we could use one of these in my office.


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