Missing Links: Worst Edition

Not to be confused with Missing Links: Wurst Edition, which will happen sometime around September, this edition of Missing Links corrals some of the best examples of worstfulness (as well as worstitudity, and worstoscity) from around the w3b. From the depths of Swaim, to some “super” educational points, grease yourself up and leap into the shallow end of the pool with us!

  1. Getting us off running with a pair of of Ginsu scissors is Cracked’s very own host-bot Michael Swaim, who runs his countdown in this episode with the eight worst “foods” you can actually get from drive–thrus around the world! Seven-layer burgers and meat crammed between two pieces of poultry notwithstanding, I would try the meta-burger. As well as KFC doused in chocolate sauce – if I were seeking the quickest means toward triple bypass surgery.
  2. Our friends at Scumbag Style bring us the worst examples of education: one from Californian parents disallowing Merriam Webster’s dictionary because it gives a definition for oral sex, and one via Shirley Price who gave a sex ed (oral/anal) speech in Texas despite it being Texas, and not being asked to speak about sex in the first place. The best part? She overcame disability to fulfill her dream – to one day emotionally scar 6th-8th grade girls for life.
  3. Undoubtedly, these are the worst re-imaginings of classic TV characters: a razor-toothed Erkel? Doogie Jesus, MD? A robot A-Team? Okay, that last one is kind of awesome.
  4. Worst way to run a practical joke? Never let the guy in on it. Urban Prankster posts the three-year-long prank against an uber-nerd, whereby the convince him they’re from the future and that he needs to save the world. The sad thing is, he survives the ordeal completely believing that he saved the world (somehow), and went on to post it online, un-ironically. Come now gents, where’s the schadenfreude in that?
  5. Wanna talk about the worst luck in the world? Check out this guy, undoubtedly the unluckiest guy in Australia, who manages to lose the top prizes on the country’s version of Deal or No Deal, starting at the highest amount and working his way down.
  6. These are the worst examples of humanity, if you can call them that. Whether its their hideous fashion, their unsightly “artistry,” or their pompous, prissy attitudes. Just look at these fucking hipsters.
  7. The Internets’ greatest 99 (so in reality, its worst) video memes have been coalesced here. You’ve probably seen a many of these (i.e. “Charlie bit me.”) though some are too peculiar to put a finger (or any body part for that matter) on (i.e. “Yatta.”).
  8. Holy Taco has your 30 most awesome, terrible unicorn tattoos. ‘Nuff said.
  9. It’s very hard (no pun intended) for  nude scenes in film to be categorized in a “worst” list. These 10 appear because of their complete inexplicable appearance in these films: the list, from Weird Worm, is a nice compilation, from the fantastic, to the frightening.
  10. Some of the best office pranks you can pull, effectively the worst things you can do to your co-workers. This includes inverting the direction of the monitor, setting programs to turn of the computer, and cracked LED screensavers.


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