Weekly Time Waste: Apple Tablet Edition

The time has come, my friends, I’ve been sitting on this for a long time. I have, in my possession, a fabled Apple Tablet, I was supposed to keep it under wraps for two more days, but the pressure is too great, I must let the world know I possess the greatest thing since sliced computers. Behold! I hold the holy tablet! Let my people geek!

Oh holy of Holies

Yes, my phone's camera sucks. Buzz off.

Reporting from a secret location deep in the Alps (okay, I’m at CERN), I have managed, through sheer espionage (geeky, geeky espionage), to have gotten my grubby hands on the fabled device slated for announcement tomorrow. Let me just tell you, it’s everything they said it would be and more. I’m in absolute geek heaven! Technology will never be more sweet than this, never!


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