Missing Links: Games Edition

Games are my bread and butter. Literally, breakfast’s a big ol’ helping of Xbox Live, I snack on Atari throughout the day, and dinner’s more-or-less (more) the game of kings: beer pong. It only seems apt that we post some links from around the Intertubes that deal with gaming, from misguided attempts at controls, to the loss of drinking games in the UK, to the latest in Natal news and beyond. So strap in and get those thumbs limber, we’re going for the kill-shot!

  • First on our list of video-game links are Eight Video Game Controllers with Good Intentions but Terrible Ramifications. We’re talking gaming vest that simulate the sensation of getting shot, electrodes that shock you instead of rumbling the controller, controllers you hook up to your penis, and more terrifying examples of what people with too much money are capable of.
  • Nook got hacked within a month of its release, allowing users to upload their own apps onto the Android OS. The PS3, on the other hand, took 3 years, 2 months, and 11 days to hack, what GeoHot, the hacker who cracked it, is calling “a pretty secure system.” No word yet what the hack will allow you to do, specifically, but if it doesn’t make me breakfast in the morning, I ain’t voiding no warranties.
  • Saddening news coming in from the UK where drinking games and all-you-can-drink specials have no gone the way of the Sega Dreamcast. On the bright side, Burger King’s bringing the Whopper bar to the US, as well as delivery. On the down side, they will not deliver beer. Damn you alcohol! Why must you play with my emotions? Will drinking you make you love me again? Okay, but just this once – we can’t keep meeting like this…
  • Have you got a Wii Classic Controller? You know how annoying that cord is coming toward you? Well, they finally put it back where it belongs, away from you, with the Wii Classic Controller Pro. You can buy it for $20 on its own, or hash out another $40 and get it with the game Monster Hunter 3 (or Tri, as in it tries to be interesting but fails).
  • Do you own a copy of Super Mario Bros. Wii? Well, so do 99,999,999 other people. The Nintendo platformer has broken sales records for a single game (across a single console), by selling 10 million units of the new rendition of their classic game. Big ups to the plumbers and co., that game is wicked entertaining.
  • Love all things Steampunk? Need to round out your collection? How about a Steampunk-modded original Gameboy? A dude named Thretis rigged one out and intends to sell it, though he hasn’t listed a price yet. As all I have to offer are my magnificently crafted words, my bid has been rejected before it was even submitted. o_.O
  • I have four glorious words for you: New Sonic Side-Scroller! Currently code-named Project Needlemouse, there isn’t much news from it so far, though it is pegged to release in 2010. Wait a minute! That’s this year! W00t, l33t, and other such utterances.
  • Turn the world into a game with Wired’s 7 Best Augmented Reality Apps. Okay, it’s not actually gaming, per say, but some apps, such as Zombies, Run, do adapt reality to simulate game conditions (albeit weakly at times). It’s only a matter of time before gaming and going to the store are one in the same.
  • Nerds of the world unite! Students at Carnegie Mellon have created a proof-of-concept D&D board utilizing Microsoft Surface. I just geeked out hard-core; once we get this at work, D&D night will never be the same.
  • Remember the Sony Eyetoy? Microsoft’s working on something similar for the Xbox 360 called Project Natal. The accessory will pick up your body movements allowing you to play games without a controller. Here, Johnny Chung Lee has been working on the project and shares some thoughts. I frankly think this system looks tiring – the Wii remote is one thing, this just looks like a strain. Speaking of the Wii-mote:
  • Today’s bonus link gives us some other work from Johnny Chung Lee: the Wii-mote hacks – make a IR board and head-tracking, for about $100 and spare parts. You rock Johnny Lee.


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