Google Says Zaijian to Censorship

Flowers For Alger-Google-non

Ah Always Luhved Yu...*hick*


Google announced yesterday that it would no longer filter search results on its Chinese website,, reports Canadian news source, CBC. This would allow Chinese citizens access to highly sensitive information like their own history and internet pornography, and has the potential to have the Internet Search giant booted out of the country. While Google, like other internet companies in China, have previously kowtowed to the governments’ regulations and dictations, Google has suddenly done a 180, in retaliation to the allegation that the Chinese government attempted to hack into Gmail accounts, according to the BBC and Google’s blog on the subject

Censorship, as I’ve said previously, is a terrible thing, meant to keep people in the dark and to stop them from forming opinions of their own. This is a marvelous step from Google, despite accusations that they’re only doing it because they’re failing in the Chinese market (30% of the market in four years is not bad considering Baidu {leader in internet search in China} is at 60% after ten years), because it means they’re standing up for human rights and personal privacy. Sure Google’s been criticized for its privacy policy (which has changed recently), but this is certainly a step in rectifying whatever (little) damage its’ received.



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3 responses to “Google Says Zaijian to Censorship

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  3. China’s hackers had some will to be able to attack a U.S. Company. I think that Google will be able to block future hacks.

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