Missing Links: Unreasonable Expectations Edition

Expectations can be a wonderful thing, particularly when it’s tongue-in-cheek, and particularly so when it’s completely unaware of itself. For that reason I’m posting links that stretch the limits of where expectations seem to be, when in fact they’re way off – whether on purpose or completely by accident, laughs abound. For your entertainment: ML, Unreasonable Expectations Edition!    


  • Apparently, Illinois Fox affiliate, MyFoxIllinois has shares in TrueCompanion, the designers of the Roxxxy sex robot, because while the thing actually looks like this:

Roxxxy from TrueCompanions
Like A Cross Between Frankenstein and Shannon Doherty

    They tried to pass it off as this: 

Sasha Grey

Actually, this is Porn Goddess Sasha Grey


Not cool Fox…not cool. 

  • While the Apple Tablet has yet to be officially announced, with what it will be able to do still completely speculative, GeekDad has come up with a list of 10 Features the Apple Tablet Must Have. Some are great ideas, while others will make you spill coffee out your nose, so read carefully.
  • Scumbag Style has had some unreasonable expectations this past week – he hopes celebrity women will stop from making stupid comments. Not likely Mark, not likely.
  • News sites, including Reuters, are reporting that U.S. Research Firm, Forrester, is predicting the end of the Technology Recession in 2010. High expectations, when sales plummeted 8.2% in 2009 and is only expected to rise 6.6% this year. Hey, I like tech sales as much (more than) the next guy, but let’s just call this cautious optimism and not prophecy, huh Reuters?
  • Here’s an expectation that I have. If you’re going to be on a nationally televised game show, don’t be a complete idiot. As the Huffing Post points out, game show idiocy has a long history.
  • The physical parameters for what people can do is pretty defined, no? I mean, no one should be able to do a handstand on one’s index fingers, right? Meet Si Xingsong, a 19-year-old Shaolin monk (in 1995) who does it with ease.
  • Holy Taco’s got the inner dilemma of every geek in Las Vegas this past weekend, you go for the girls (AVN) but get distracted by the tech (CES). At least someone’s being honest with themselves. Another entry in the Unreasonable Expectations Zone.
  • We’ve all made New Year’s Resolutions, right? We do it every year, but they’re always mired in the Unreasonable Expectations category. You’re not going to go from Jabba the Hutt to Brad Pitt in Fight Club. You’re not going to quite your addiction, because the expectations are too high. Here’s another hit from Holy Taco, Five New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Keep.
  • Stem cells have been tauted by the media as being the cure-all, be-all, end-all. Turns out they’ve got performance anxiety. We weren’t putting them on too high a pedestal, no were we?
  • I suppose it’s unreasonable to expect NASA to monitor the entirety of the sky, but whoa, man, this is cutting it close, isn’t it? An asteroid, undetected until Monday, will pass by the earth on Wednesday! And it wasn’t even WISE that found it. Man dudes, way to screw up just before the budget crunch.

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  1. Porn Goddess, and definite beauty queen, Sasha Grey has it all.

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