Immersive Media Might Make You Hurl, or, B.A.S.E. Jumping for Satan

For thee we jump, man

Maybe They Both Like the Texas Longhorns?

Immersive Media is making a business of making media more immersive – it’s as simple as that. In the video at the link you’ll get the perspective of a B.A.S.E Jumper without having to jump off a bridge – gaining a point of view that even the Jumpers themselves weren’t privy to. Other videos on their website show the functionality of their system at sporting events, on nature tours, and even virtual demonstrations of real estate. It seems a mobile 360° camera can be affixed to a helmet or a backpack, thereby the actions of the user can be captured at all angles by eleven independent lenses. Press play after stringing them all together to form a single image, and you’ll get complete control over what in the video you’ll see. My suggestion is to let the video run once through before clicking/dragging the image, to get the straight-on views they’ve edited (giving you a straight-forward experience of B.A.S.E. Jumping) – then press play again, pause it when you get to a good frame, and really take in the wonder of the views.

One of the interesting things you can get in the images, for example, are these transition moments where the scenes they’ve cut together interlace, as you can see here:

Little People on Railings in the Water

A View Both On and Over - A View That Would Make Even God Queasy.

Being something of a futurist, I envision this technology being applied to major motion pictures – where all theaters will be dome-shaped, utilize 3-D TV technology, so that the audience is not just watching Die Hard, they see everything the way John McClane sees it. Sure, that technology is decades off, but in the meantime, broadcasting TV with this stuff can’t be that far away- the sporting events alone will pay for the usage of technology.

Tack onto that the beauty of getting views most people would never seen in all their life, and you’ve got nature tours like you couldn’t believe.

Thar She Blows!

You Can Almost Smell the Kelp.

While you’d think the  360° view would make it nearly impossible to miss a moment, that’s not quite the case. Sometimes, the lens needs to be cleaned and you get shots like this:


It's Like the Whale KNEW It Was Out Of Frame.

Of course it’s not an exact science, but imagine, in the meantime, being able to virtually ride any roller coaster in the world, using this lovely contraption, the Robo Roller Coaster: the most pertinent information for this begins at the 3:50 mark, but worth the whole watch.


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