Medical Marvels: STORM’s Cellular Voyeurism, Electromagnetic Memory, and the “Magic” Obesity Pill

Are You Kidding Me?

STORM Lets You Watch Cells While They're In the Shower


The Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscope (STORM) is set to revolutionize the way scientists look at the microscopic world, effectively allowing the observer to view cellular proteins in real time. While your typical electron microscopes have difficulties in focusing on cellular objects, due to the fluorescent dyes which actually brighten the cells and make the resolution fuzzy, the STORM actually filters and adjusts view, allowing scientists to actually see the individual components making up the cell. Created by a physics professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Jennifer Ross, the STORM takes videos of the sample on the slide in such high resolution that they can actually watch DNA replicate within (the cellular equivalent of fucking) or ATM synthesis (the cellular equivalent of installing a home-security system…against cancer), not just observe blurry pictures of the processes before and after (the scientific equivalent of scrambling cable porn). 


Huzzah for Radiation!

Wish You Could Forget Your Ex? Then Get Off the Phone!


 A University of South Florida at Tampa study found that electromagnetic radiation, typical of your average cellphone, reduced or eliminated a form of Alzheimer’s disease found in mice, reports ABC News. The study was published in this month’s Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a popular magazine for those who remember to renew their subscription. Gary Arendash said for the research team, that the findings gave “striking evidence for both protective and disease-reversing effects” of cellphone radiation. And here I thought it was just making me sterile. 

You Want An Airtank With That?

You're Lucky I Didn't Post the Other Pictures I Found Googling: "Fat People Eating." Sleep Apnea Doesn't Sound So Bad Anymore.


The American Journal of Preventive Health released a report suggesting that the “obesity epidemic” in the United States is so aggressive that it now beats out smoking in its threat to American health. The study found that smoking has decreased among the population by 18.5% between 1993 and 2008, while obesity proportions in the population increased to 85% in US adults. That’s just  the adults, the study doesn’t even take into account the two super-sized McChildren up there and their lot. The findings of the AJPH explains why the anti-obesity drug Qnexa was being developed in the first place – it’s just happenstance that it helps those who suffer from sleep apnea.
As it turns out, sleep apnea, a condition that causes the sufferers of it to halt breathing momentarily or entirely during sleep, can be caused by obesity, which caused Vivus to create the drug in the first place. Way to go full circle, developing a pill that hits a life-threatening sickness on two fronts; could it perhaps be that the weight loss reduces the soft tissues around the airways, allowing these individuals to not choke on their own fat? Regardless, these two couldn’t have been announced at a more fortuitous time.



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