Weekly Time Waste: Social (Networking) Seppuku Edition

A Bit Much? Maybe...

The Guy to the Side is MySpace

So this is in response to the well-travelled news that Facebook is blocking social-networking “suicide” services from running within/without its site. Sure it’s fairly easy to terminate your account on Facebook (simply click “Settings” next to the Search Bar at the top of the site; bottom of the next page, click: De-Activate Account), but these services don’t actually de-activate your page. It merely deletes your content and turns your page into a memorial site, then sends messages to your friends before burning the digital bridge. It’s a fun way to say “fuck it” because your notification tab is filled with endless requests to join Mafia Wars or Farmville, or the ridiculous pillows/bears/gifts/plants/pokes that people are constantly clogging my wall with.



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2 responses to “Weekly Time Waste: Social (Networking) Seppuku Edition

  1. Nice post, thanks. By the way, what theme did you use on the blog? I like it a lot.

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