Missing Links: Future Tech 2011 Edition

Being the gimme-gimme sort that I am, I’m already looking ahead to the future, making room in my household for tech that’s just a twinkle in its’ inventor’s eye. Whether it’s flying motorcycles or self-cooling beer cans, I’m already selling the stuff that I do have to be able to afford them. Here’s some links from around the web that gleam and shine with all the splendor of humanity’s future machinations.

  1. Forget the Flying Car, here’s the Flying Motorcycle. Set to release in 2011 by Samson Motorworks with a price tag for a Do-It-Yourself Kit at $85,000, I am so building my credit now just to finance one of these bad boys then. I also need flying lessons. – [from Popular Science]
  2. Think a Micro SD card is small? Try nano. Carbon nanotubes, that is, have been prodded by scientists at Stanford University to make the first-ever carbon nanotube circuit; carbon nanotubes are the material that everything will be made of in the future. Sure a processor made from the stuff is still ten-years off for various reasons, but that’s no reason not to imagine a super-efficient, physically-indestructable computer that I carry with me under my skin. – [from Technology Review]
  3. Everything’s wireless, nowadays. Wireless phones with wireless headsets that wirelessly download information but which still need to be plugged in to get a charge. Well, why not get electricity over airwaves? Nikolai Tesla, father of alternating current, which is used to power everything, actually thought it up. – [from TED]
  4. 13 Awesome Technologies theoreticized. No confirmation on any plans for actual production, but awesome nonetheless. Particularly the self-cooling beer can. – [from Teche Blog]
  5. Five Awesome and Terrifying Tiny Technologies headed for our future. Pay for things by walking out the store, swallow bite-sized pieces of a robotic surgeon that assembles itself inside of you, surf the web with your mind, and more! – [from Cracked]
  6. The human overlords of the future will be dolphins, considering they’re right on our coat-tails in the evolutionary realm. As the article points out, some folks want Flipper and friends classified as “non-human persons.” That’s not bad for little murdererrapists. – [from Scumbag Style]
  7. We all knew that electric cars were coming, but who could guess that they would be awesome too? Nissan forays into the field with the announced Leaf, which is, theoretically coming out this year, to retail at $30,000 and get 100 miles per charge. Also, planned for 2012 is the simply gorgeous Tesla Model S, which starts at $49k, travels 300 miles in a single charge, charges in 45 minutes, and  go from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds. – [from Futurich]
  8. Better brush up on your pie charts, because future coins may be representative of their percentages. Created by Mac Funamizu, a Japanese industrial designer, these coins can give someone who doesn’t read the language a visual clue as to their value, and includes braille for the visually-impaired. Perfect for the vending machine in the unlit corridor of your hotel in the seedy part of Sin City. [from Tuvie]
  9. Want the latest in concept technologies? A fun section that covers ideas that may never actually hit the market: from microwaves with built-in YouTube displays to coffee cup computers to guitars that look like they belong in the next Star Wars. – [from Product Reviews.net]
  10. Tired of actual news? Well, good luck; much in the vein of The Onion, but without the funny parts comes News of the Future, a news source for fictional yet wholly feasible emerging technologies.


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