Nerd Blurbs: CES 2010 Edition

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. The International Consumer Electronic Show is gearing up for the weekend of the 7th through the 10th, and this nerd couldn’t be more excited. While I do live in Las Vegas, and I do run a tech blog, I’m not technically of the trade nor want to dish out $100 just to drool over pricey electronics I’ll hopefully be able to afford in 10 years time, so I won’t be there. I’ll have to cope with my need for new technologies the way everyone else has to: via the media. Here’s some news from around the web geared toward the fantastic electronics that’ll be showcased at CES 2010.


Lenovo Ideapad U1; Sexy @ $1,000

Three new developments from Lenovo, makers of formerly utilitarian laptops, which supposedly are pretty powerful despite their low costs. Taking technologies normally found in cell phones and utilizing Linux for some of their platforms, Lenovo is introducing The Skylight, the IdeaPad S10-3T, and the Ideapad U1. The Skylight will run the penguined OS, run for 10 hours, have a 20GB flash memory drive, and has been labelled a “notbook,” in an attempt to classify itself as something other than it is. The S10-3T will be a tablet with the operating abilities of a netbook, and the U1…well, this thing’s just awesome. It’s a combination laptop/tablet. When the two pieces are connected, it’ll operate under Windows 7 via an Intel Core 2 Duo SU processor; detach the tablet and the system switches over to custom Linux OS with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running the thing. [Sources: PC World, Wired]


Soon You Too Can Never Type Again.

News from Business Week continues the Google Nexus One rumormill, as it’s expected that Google will make an announcement about their “iPhone killer” today. Can I just take a moment for an aside to say how much I hate the “xxx-killer” thing that pops up every time a technology comes out and competition begins? It’s not killing anything – people aren’t going to throw out their tech just because something slightly different comes out. Anyway, the announcement finally came: Nexus One will have a 3.7 inch touchscreen OLED display (touch sensitive, but not multi-touch, like the iPhone – so much for “killer,” no?), a 1 gigahertz processor from Qualcomm,  a 5 megapixel camera for photos and video, and Bluetooth. Pretty standard stuff. Of course it will run the Android OS, get signal off a 3G network, and have built-in GPS. The battery is said last up to seven hours of talk time,and up to five hours of Internet usage. The software will house built-in Google Maps (duh) and Facebook support, as well as Google Voice, which synchs with the phone to allow e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook dictation. The phone is available for purchase without a contract via Google Phone for a cool $529, or through T-Mobile with a new 2-year contract for $179. [Source: USA Today]

Next up on the block is this announcement, from Skype/Panasonic/LG, that will bring web-enabled televisions into the comfort of your home, allowing calls to be made from the couch. While the Internet-linked TVs debuted at last year’s CES, this year will see some major revisions, including its inclusion in HDTVs, as well as 720p resolution support from Skype’s software. Expect these models to become available in the middle of this year. Webcam sex just got creepier and way more convenient.

Last on our list is the announcement from Canon, wherein their new Powershot series, four models in all, will begin availability in February and will be priced under $200. The models vary between 10 and 12 megapixel resolutions, whether or not they have optical image stabilization, the inclusion of rechargeable batteries, and each ISO shifts a bit. The four models are: the PowerShot A490 and the PowerShot A495 (both $130), PowerShot A3000 IS ($150), and the PowerShot A3100 IS ($180); as the price ascends, more features added, obviously.

These, of course, are tip-of-the-iceberg, as the CES is the biggest convention for consumer electronics on the planet and promises to reveal many impending technologies that I haven’t dreamt of even in my wildest wet dreams. Nonetheless, expect there to be some delay in the reporting considering that the AVN Convention happens at the exact same time every year. It’s like the porn industry knows that their biggest fan-base is all amassed here now. Eh, it’s probably just coincidence.



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