Missing Links – Turn of the Decade Edition

It’s not every day that the decade changes over. Say goodbye to the aughts and say hello to the…uhm…t(w)eens(?) with these hilarious links! Now with more rebellious tendencies!

  1. Think you’ve got enough stuff in your driving experience? Think again! Here’s 6 annoying devices you’ll soon have in your car. – from Cracked.
  2. Though it won’t release until 2011, get your tickets now. Ghostbusters 3 to begin shooting this summer. And Harold Ramis looks like Seth Rogen’s dad in Knocked Up. – from Heeb, via FilmDrunk
  3. Orangutans may have Facebook, but Pandas are the new Harry Houdinis. Watch as two of these little guys coordinate to distract a zoo keeper so that they can make a hasty exit out the back. – from CNNGo
  4. Imagine Bedazzling your phone so that it also powers the thing. You don’t have to imagine much longer – scientists have created photovoltaic cells the size of glitter. -from Gamma Squad
  5. Bit of a clean freak? Turns out you better not skimp on the Lysol; diluting disinfectants can cause microbes to become resistant to them. – from io9
  6. How do you make pictures more awesome? Add lightsabers to them, that’s how. My favorite has got to be the second one. – from NextRound
  7. Green Lantern gets its crew in order. Have no fear for camp when you’ve got Oscar-winning people behind the camera and the art direction. Bestill my Cheetos-clogged heart! – from io9
  8. More awesome movie-ness: Star Trek: The Sequel will (get closer to) start rolling film in 2010! The best news? Khaaaaaaaaaannn! – from ScreenJunkies
  9. Greatest NERF creations of all time. Office wars would be over with the Vulcan. No cubicle is safe. – from COED
  10. Had a hankering to hear the Top 25 Songs of 2009 mashed together? Well, fiend no more! – from College Humor

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