Is Speculation the New(s) Story?

The Internet is abuzz today with un-news-worthy flights of fancy talking about what Amazon might be doing with Kindle next year, whether Apple’s tablet will be called the iSlate, and taking stabs in the dark as to the specifications of Google’s impending Chrome OS Netbook. This plus the mire about a missing  iPhone in New York and how popular writing about smartphones was this past year, leaves this blogger bereft of mirth. Sure I can make some gags about the increase in full-body scanners as consequence of the underwear bomber, but in reality, such a fierce loss of privacy is no laughing matter.

With more speculation coming as to the Nvidia DX11 part and as to the PS4’s possible multi-core processing, the only thing that seems to be certain is that we’ll have a partial lunar eclipse and a blue moon, and that people are idiots when it comes to technology. Where does this shift in reporting come from? Why are question marks featured in headlines?

Well, we might have to pin it on end-of-the-year/decade blues. We’re so tangled up in where we’ve been and where we’re going that we can’t focus in on what’s happening now. There’s something decidedly human about projecting into the abstract dimensions of time, where we become focused on the past and the future, that aside from the hopping bits, we might as well be Billy Pilgrim. Well, what’s happening right now?

In this minute, 255 babies are being born. One child is going blind. 107 people are dying; one of those is a suicide. This isn’t to be morbid – they’re just figures, right? I tried finding out how many people were sleeping together for the first time but Google’s got no answers for me there – seem’s there’s no exit poll; if I were to guess, that would merely be more speculation, no?

Well, that does it for me today – probably subject to the end-of-the-year/decade brain-farting myself. Here’s a poem I cobbled together as a whim to see you off:

Right Now
Right now, the future’s bright –
right now the past gives way to progress.
Right now the world is more consumed with “then” and “when,”
so that focus on right now‘s…a little less.
Right now a flower’s blooming,
right now a tree is barren, bare.
Right now two lovers hold each other spent,
and a former wonders if he ever cared.



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2 responses to “Is Speculation the New(s) Story?

  1. I am looking for the benefits of using either blogger or wordpress. I have found some good points on your blog for using one or the other. There are many options to choose from and I will do some research in the next few days based on what I have read.

    • Hey there John,

      There are certainly pros and cons with either site – I personally like wordpress because it has a more professional feel, and because it has some easy-to-use features which help to add media and video from around the web. It makes for very seamless pages with minimal effort. I would recommend setting up preliminary sites on both (not making them public, of course), toying around with the features of either, and see which one you prefer.

      Best of luck with your website,

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