Missing Links – End of an Era Edition

It’s that time, boys and girls (okay, who am I kidding, boys), when not only the year is coming to a close, but so is the decade. We might call the aughts the Era of Introduction, a decade where we became familiarized with the harbingers of coming technology. This decade saw the rise of the internet, mobile phones, mp3 players, and DVR (to name a few), and that’s the beginning.

Here’s a look at some cool stuff from around the web, including looks at the past ten years in film and gadgetry. Enjoy, and happy holidays.

  1. Dr. Richard Wiseman teaches you ten awesome party tricks using nothing but science. Don’t travel back in time and do these tricks or you may be labelled a wizard. -via Cracked, via College Humor
  2. Learn about the 10 Dimensions in eleven quick minutes. -from Gadjitz
  3. New Inception trailer only in French. Very odd that they’ve already re-dubbed it for Francophones. Why the frogs can’t deal with subtitles, I’ll never know. -from io9
  4. Get your game on in 2010; these 20 games will blow your mind. -from Mania
  5. Kick-Ass looks like it’s gonna be…well, kick ass. Here’s the red band trailer for Hit Girl, which is rather shocking. Let’s just say dudes get shot. More action awesomeness from Mark Millar. – via Screen Junkies
  6. 20 Best Sci-Fi movies of the past decade, most of which I agree with, and some of which I need to add to Netflix when I get it again…
  7. And 10 of the Most Disappointing Sci-Fi stories of the past decade, which indeed, were so low-points for a lifetime, let alone a decade. – Both from io9
  8. The 50 Worst Gadgets of the Decade. Not a single redeeming item on the list. Some, like the TweetPeek, are too stupid for words. -from Gizmodo
  9. Science in the coming year; medicine, entertainment, the environment, and travel. Of course, this is -from Popular Science and they’ve been wrong before
  10. Sometimes eras end with dignity. Sometimes that’s that’s not at all possible, like in the instance of 80’s metal. Steel Panther makes waves and ruins the coming decade too. – from Scumbag Style

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