Weekly Time Waste: Avatar Moon Edition

Another Better Movie?

Vampire Worthington Ain't Having No Guff from Werewolf Director Cameron

 So the numbers are in, and they’re close, but Avatar hasn’t quite hit the mark Twilight: New Moon made over their first weekend. Avatar pulled $77 million in North America with $165.5 million in one-hundred-and-six foreign countries, according to The LA Times, making their preliminary weekend total $242.5 million. Compare that to Twilight‘s $140.7 million in the US and Canada, and $258.8 million in the overseas market, and it’s still no way near a cesarean section with vampire teeth, though quite impressive considering it had nothing but nerd and “Titanic was an awesome movie” hype.  


While The Dark Knight still holds box office records with $158.4 million, domestically, the tweenage v-rama’s(that’s vampire drama) success still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I’m hoping people finally forget about it. I stick to my previous statement that it shall not be unseated in the box office brawls until such time as Iron Man 2 storms into theaters. Speaking of which, the first trailer released this week on Apple and has quickly made rounds to YouTube, which I include here, for your special effects galore perusal. So excited for War Machine!  


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