Global Warming Conference Leaves Bad Taste in Thom Yorke’s Mouth

The New York Times reports the American stances at and after the Copenhagen Conference, which let out Saturday and upset Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke, who attended the summit with a press pass, The Guardian reports. According to the Times article, President Obama stressed that the American Congress had moved to not enact global warming legislation, and so that he could not promise the same as what other world leaders agreed to in the proposed Copenhagen Accord, and as such, the President’s negotiators were not cowed by the Sudan and other countries who asked them to merely abide by the Kyoto Protocol.

Now You've Gone and Made Him Whiney.

But the US is not to be blamed alone, at least according to British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband, who told the London Times that China bared most the brunt for stopping reform. Miliband said that Beijing blocked the position to give legal force to the Copenhagen Accord and stymied a definitive decision on global reductions of greenhouse emissions, despite support from developed and developing countries to make the shift to 80% and 50% reduction by 2050, respectively. China, technically defined as a developing nation, rejected the proposal that they see an 80% reduction at the standard ’50 deadline, mostly due to the sheer enormity of their douchebaggy-ness.

This has led Radiohead frontman to speak to the BBC after the convention saying that he was:

“[T]ruly disgusted about the way things have ended”.

Yorke went on to say, presumably confusing discussion of the conference for the lyrics of “Creep”:

“What on earth is going on? I pray something comes of this process. That all these people for all these years, all these flights to Copenhagen, all this hot air has some meaning … What am I doing here?”

Radiohead tour manager, signing in only as Richard, seems to know what they’re doing, when he spoke on the Radiohead website as to the symantics of their tour, developing separate European and American systems for lighting and sound, thereby cutting their air freight weight from 44,092 lbs to 2,205 lbs (despite their goal of aught air freight – immensely commendable, nonetheless). Radiohead guitarist, Ed O’Brien, doesn’t seem to feel its enough though, when he wrote on Radiohead’s blog:

[I]n fact none of what I write seems at all relevant or important in the face of serious climate change…

This didn’t stop him from posting some year-end reflections, and announcing that Radiohead would be going back to the studio in January, but that’s a good thing right? Life goes on, even if the atmosphere is rendered uninhabitable by/to human beings – life is a persistent little bugger that kept kicking , even after several extinction events in the past, and will continue to do so long after the human race is gone. Case in point:

Must be Jersey Shore

Let My People Go, You Damn Dirty Apes!

At least the cockroaches will have some groovin’ tunes to listen to.


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