Possible WIMPs Shake Minnesotan Mine

Like something out a Borg vessel.

This is a ZIP. It Finds WIMPs. Can't Pay a Pimp with a ZIP - or you'll get a fat lip.

Scientist involved in the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, who experiment in the confines of a mine fitted with detectors, in Soudan, Minnesota, announced that they may have found weakly interacting massive particles (or WIMPs), National Geographic wrote today. WIMPs seem to be a likely candidate for dark matter, the illusive, as of yet theoretical particles that according to modern physics constitute 80% of the known universe – the fact that they haven’t found any yet upsets physicists to no end. So is today the big day, should physicists get their party hats on and should the people at CERN now add WIMPs to their catalog?

No, the report indicates. Apparently, there is a 1-in-4 chance that the matter the team detected in their germanium/silicon crystal sensors were ordinary, run of the mill subatomic particles, such as neutrons. I can just imagine the conversation down that mineshaft:

“Hey Bob – are these subatomic particles dark matter or regular matter?”

“I don’t know, do you want odds? I’ll give you one-to-four it’s your mom.”


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