Weekly Time Waste: Chris Brown Pulped Edition.

If Only

"Why's Ever'body So Mean Tuh Me?"

This is in response to an MTV article posted yesterday, regarding Chris Brown’s Twitter account deactivation. Apparently embittered by finding out that a Walmart in Connecticut wasn’t carrying his new CD, which I refuse to name or link to, he went on a tangent on the 140 character or less site, complaining “But they had Alicia Keys album ready for release for this Tuesday comin….”  Well, maybe you should have considered your impending record sales before you turned your girlfriend’s face into hamburger meat. The move from the R&B “singer” came as a surprise, considering it seems to be his only method of venting his obvious frustrations to the world at large. Personally, I think he should be thankful that he’s not behind bars and that no one did the above in real life.



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3 responses to “Weekly Time Waste: Chris Brown Pulped Edition.

  1. Thank you! Your blog is exactly what I needed to read right now…

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