Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Trends Twitter

So, the amazing cats at ThinkGeek have created a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag which they’ve decided to start giving away to lucky random participants in the “Tauntaun Tuesday” promotion on Twitter. Anyone who replys to “@thinkgeek” is entered into the giveaway, and this thing blew up. ThinkGeek’s Twitter account had this to say:

You guys borked our Tweetdeck! “Tauntaun” is trending right now: http://j.mp/7Qk7ZJ (Can’t wait to get the entry spreadsheet started. Oy.)

Sure, whoever has to process this is in for a hell of a headache, but the responses speak for themselves:

YumeKaiTheJedi: @thinkgeek Tauntaun Tuesday is win!


a_1steak_sauce: haha it's tauntaun tuesday! how awesome is that?!?!

and I myself wrote:

Word_Splay:@thinkgeek | #Tauntauns make great stocking stuffers. Or are they the stocking? Anyway, I want to smell one from the inside!

And this thing just continues to blow up, tweets including “tauntaun” and very few quizzical remarks leave us in Nerdtown overjoyed. It’s like a geeky holiday miracle.


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